Anyone Out There Have A Great Radio Voice?

Or at the very least have something interesting to say about driving fear out of the workplace?

We’re looking for guests for The Podcast To Be Named Later. It’s a very simple process: message Jeff Veyera or Norm Howe through ASQ or email and give us a preview as to what you’d like to talk about. If selected (and given Norm and I are no Huntley/Brinkley---look it up, kids---we aren’t very picky), you’ll be scheduled sometime in the near future and sent your very own hyperlink at the appointed hour to join us on the podcast. If you’re REALLY good you may even replace us on the podcast!

All you need is a decent microphone---either standalone (Blue Yetis are great and relatively inexpensive) or on your phone, tablet, or computer. Given the technical bent of many of us, you likely have more mic than you really need for this.

We’d love to hear from you and who knows? This could be the start of your media empire.