Job Crafting - continuous improvement in practice
The Harvard Business Review in the article "What Job Crafting Looks Like" by Jane E. Dutton and Amy Wrzesniewski defines three types of job crafting:

First, there is task crafting, which involves altering the type, scope, sequence, and number of tasks that make up your job. Next, you can relationally craft your job by altering whom you interact with in your work. Finally, there is cognitive crafting, where you modify the way you interpret the tasks and/or work you’re doing. 

The article then shares three different stories. What struck me most about this is that these are all cases of folks applying improvement mindsets to their jobs, but the article doesn't really discuss this. Everything described as crafting very much fit into established improvement methodologies.

Love other's thoughts on this. What opportunities exist to further existing process improvement methods in light of this approach?