Congratulations to our 2020 Lean and Six Sigma Conference Speakers
The Team and Workplace Excellence Forum had a good turn out in Phoenix, and a great roster of speakers.
Pres Number Role First Name Last Name Presentation Title
M06 Co-Presenter Rebecca Simmons Lean Transformation Lessons for Practitioners and Students
M12 Primary Presenter Jeremiah Genest Sustaining Change - Executing a Sustainability Plan
M14 Primary Presenter Jessica Colon Lean Six Sigma Escape Room
M20 Primary Presenter Kizzy Dominguez Seven Secrets to Optimize Multigenerational Team Members!
M25 Primary Presenter Ryan Burge Practice Doesn’t Make Perfect, It Makes Habit
T01 Primary Presenter Franco Seravalli Steering Towards Zero Issues

I wasn't able to make everyone, but I wanted to share some thoughts. Love it if others who were in Phenox could share theirs.

"Lean Transformation Lessons for Practitioners and Students" co-presented by Rebecca Simmons. Many great things in this presentation. What really stood out to me was the focus on teaching students how to see a site and understand the power of Lean. There was a lot there that I hope Rebecca and her c-presenter unpack. Their students are lucky to have such a great and committed professor.

My presentation is here.

"Practice Doesn’t Make Perfect, It Makes Habit" co-presented by Ryan Burge. My key takeaway from this was an excellent 
framework for dealing with resistance and fears around change. 

"Steering Towards Zero Issues" by Franco Seravalli. Franco shared a great case study from his plant in Costa Rica. I love his discussion on building passion and accountability. Too often the discussions I hear on this are from a United States and European perspective and Frnaco was a nice counterweight. I hope he'll expand on that.

Sorry for the ones I missed. If I left anyone of the list please let me know. If you attended any of these sessions please share your thoughts!