Quality 4.0 with Team and Workplace Excellence
Hi Team and Workplace Excellence Forum! There's so much buzz around industry 4.0 and quality. How do you see digital transformation affecting teams striving for excellence? Will this be covered in the developing body of knowledge for TWEF?

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Great question Catherine, and one that I'm all-in for discussing, This will be a big thread I hope through the Unconference and the possible workshop at WCQI.

Quality 4.0 is one of those things that everyone kind of knows it when they see it but not everyone talks about it the same way. I like to use this high level representation

I like this because it nicely brings home my usual point that Quality 4.0 is about the technology enabling better decision making and culture, not replacing it.

A more detailed model, like the one from LNS Research can be helpful as we start talking development of a body of knowledge.


Looking to the mission statement of "The Team and Workplace Excellence Forum provides learning and recognition opportunities to help people, teams, and organizations achieve performance excellence" I see a lot of opportunities, especially around collaboration, competency and culture.

What do other's think? We are looking for volunteers to continue to develop, and I hope folks will join us for the events we have planned this year, and help us really dig into content.
The acatech Industry 4.0 maturity index has some great things in it, and most of section 4 "Industrie 4.0 capabilities for business" is relevant to the purpsoe of the Team and Excellence Forum.

I am very enamored of the following graphic at the moment.

I think a lot of companies have quality 4.0 initiatives that involve better use of data. Kenett and Redman (2019) provided an analytic maturity model that I think is pretty relevant.

I think for a lot of us who are grappling with these projects is how do we build the organizational maturity, the skills in our workforce to actually make good use of all the tools and data available to us. We tend to hire data scientists and hope that fixes everything. The challenge for teams is how do we build data skills in our workers and enable them to make value of the potential of level 5 Learning & Discovery.

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