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Hello.  I attended, and enjoyed, the June Dinner meeting event.  Is there any place I can go to look at information for future events?  The page on the main site for the Orlando chapter still has a listing for an event from 2017, and the only event on here is ... from the June event.

Look forward to future gatherings, and responses.  

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You can connect to the new ASQ Orlando Section 1509 website at https://www.asqorlando.org/.  Click on the Calendar of Events page to get the list of events including the one you attended in June.  This list is very helpful when creating your online recertification journal.  Any new events will be featured on the Home page.  Our new site is still a work in progress.
Nicholas, thanks for joining us in June!  We are on a summer hiatus and will resume programming in September.  We will definitely be advertising upcoming meetings on our website, as Clark mentioned.  I did a quick scan of our membership list and found that your email address is on file, so rest assured that you'll receive a notification straight to your inbox as well.  We look forward to having you join us at a future meeting!

Jessica Coulon, ASQ Orlando Chair
Thank you. 

Al Imbert 
There are several social media sites which we use to help get the word out.  LinkedIn and Facebook in addition to MyASQ.

https://www.linkedin.com/groups/4792269/ is the Orlando Section LinkedIn Group.

The earlier stand-alone site is being transitioned to the MyASQ site - so do keep an eye on us here.