QM in Federal Agencies

Greetings Colleagues. I have been tasked with proposing a structure for a new quality management staff element within my agency. Over the years, an uncoordinated network of quality management systems has evolved within various programs, with various levels of success, and I need to centralize them. Is anyone else familiar with federal agencies with a robust QM organization? I'm looking for some model org charts, functional statements, and position descriptions. Any success stories or pitfalls to look out for?

Thanks in advance.

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@Brandi Baldwin If you are talking about a department level QM entity, I'm not directly aware of one, although you might want to take a look at NASA. As the Quality Manager for the ATF National Center for Explosives Training & Research in Huntsville, AL, I can certainly speak to having direct experience & knowledge with the establishment of a quality management system (ISO 9001 conforming) at a lower level. I would opine that QM at the department level would have to have an appropriate level of department authority and would ideally have direct reporting authority to the department head to ensure that quality matters are on par with other department heads.