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Jeffrey Veyera
We now have two episodes in the can for our new TWEF Podcast. We promised to give a copy of Jeff’s book “Culture Is ...
Jeffrey Veyera Apr '22
Jeffrey Veyera
This Week in Team Excellence TWEF'N Out The Work Place Fearless This Could Work What say you, TWEFers?
Jeffrey Veyera Mar '22

Good morning!

I like the idea of combining 3 and 4 - The Fearless Workplace


Jeffrey Veyera
Norm Howe and I are embarking on a new podcast to carry TWEF’s “fearless” message to the streets. Every other week, ...
Jeffrey Veyera Feb '22

Podcast name: This Week in Team Excellence

TWEF'N Out! or TWEF'N Out with Jeff & Norm

A very majestic suggestion, Diane!

Think Joe Jackson might let us repurpose his 80s hit for our theme song, Lisa? “Feeelins, TWEF’n ouuuuuuttt…..”

Podcast name: The Workplace

Imaging a podcast with content and title that changes with the theme. I think you hit it, Jeff: Fearless

Otherwise I like Saleh's The Work Place (maybe separate word for Place, as this is where you go for great ...

That's pretty to the point, Saleh!

Fearless has a nice ring to it for sure, Susan!

How about this for a Podcast Name: This Could Work

Jeffrey Veyera
Why yes, yes it is. We can’t very well have great teamwork without it, can we? That’s why Norm and I have committed to ...
Jeffrey Veyera Feb '22
Jeffrey Veyera
Or at the very least have something interesting to say about driving fear out of the workplace? We’re looking for ...
Jeffrey Veyera Feb '22