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Sarah Burman
Hello. In the process of developing a QMS for a college. Does anyone have information or resources with regards to ...
Sarah Burman Jan '23

@Sarah Burman
Hi Susan.

Go to NIST.gov, then Baldrige.

Then in that setion, EDUCATION.



Rathin Khandhadia
Hi, I am Rathin Khandhadia from Singapore. I am currently working in Education Sector in capacity of Associate ...

@Rathin Khandhadia
Hi Rathin.

Within the education programs for engineers, to date they still do not include ...

Lydia Martin
Is anyone aware of have experience with a software solution for developing workflow processes of managing ...
Lydia Martin Mar '22
Helen Tran
Hi Education Division, What are some strategies/programs/initiatives you can share that can help schools with ...
Helen Tran Mar '22

Hi Helen, some thoughts - one major topic for STEM education and careers is increasing inclusiveness in STEM ...

Helen Tran Helen Tran Mar '22

Thank you for sharing your valuable insight, Cindy!

These are great points and I'll definitely explore the ...

Hi Helen,

This is a important topic you are bringing up and I hope others contribute to this discussion!

I found a ...

Helen Tran
Happy Friday all! Would anyone be able to provide some insights or tag someone who may know insights on how one can ...
Helen Tran Mar '22
Paul Jensen
A graduate student and I are studying pathways into quality careers for undergraduate engineering students. We ...
Paul Jensen Oct '21
Jill Brooks
During last month's presentation, A Call to Action: The Impact of the Pandemic on STEM Education, a significant ...
Jill Brooks Jul '21

Jill, I was once involved with a local ASQ section's education outreach committee where our activities included ...

Helen Tran
Have you or your organization implemented new, innovative ideas in your teaching or learning methods that you ...
Helen Tran Mar '21
Belinda Chavez
Dr . John Robert Dew, retired Senior Vice Chancellor for Student Services and Administration for Troy ...
Belinda Chavez Mar '21
Esteban Tocto
Good morning: I would like to have concepts that differentiate "quality" and "maturity model", how these ...
Esteban Tocto Feb '21

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