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Amarnath Kolachelamala
Hello to all Quality leaders . Im working on Improving Inspection Management techniques, especially in ...
Raymond Crawford
See our 2022 Fall DCD Newsletter for updated news about our pursuit of a Body of Knowledge and the follow-on ...
Vivek Sadasivan
How effective is the Splined Threads ? Does any one believe it has uses other than more secured locking at the ...
Vivek Sadasivan Sep '22
Raul Martinez
Do you know of a consultant who has successfully measured engineering quality in industrial / capital projects? I ...
Raul Martinez Jun '22

@Raul Martinez , that's an interesting question. For measuring engineering quality, do you mean the quality of ...

William M. Hayden
What causes Engr facilities failures [1] The Reduction/Elimination of Engineered Structures Failure ...
Loan Ngo
Hi everyone. I am new to this community. I'm curious to learn if anyone has applied requirements analysis and ...
Loan Ngo Feb '22

Hi Loan!

Perhaps checking in with some select Federal and State agencies might provide what you seek.


Raymond Crawford
See our new 2022 newsletter under the category of “Files” or “Resources”. If you have any comments please send to ...
Inmar Badwan
Hi there- can anyone help me get a copy of the Lean Construction Ireland -sponsored webinar please?
Inmar Badwan Oct '21
Michael Bost
Or, to put it another way, which organizations recognize documentation as a factor in quality? Thanks.
Michael Bost Oct '21
Raymond Crawford
If you have not been to our LinkedIn web site please do and let us know if you like it or want to contribute. Ray ...

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