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Brandi Baldwin
Greetings Colleagues. I have been tasked with proposing a structure for a new quality management staff element ...

@Brandi Baldwin If you are talking about a department level QM entity, I'm not directly aware of one, although you ...

Jarrett Perlow
We have a new LinkedIn presence where we will be providing more information and updates about the work of CQSG and ...
Jarrett Perlow Dec '22
Thomas Czerniecki
Greetings. I am relatively new to ASQ and looking for a little guidance on connecting with other members in the ...
Rhonda Farrell
Missed Mr. Jarrett Perlow, former Chief Deputy Clerk of the U.S. Court of Appeals, discuss it's Journey to a Silver ...
Rhonda Farrell May '22
Michael Margolis
Hi there. For a government element, curious what the pros/cons are of ASQ/ANSI G1 vs ISO 1991:2015 certification. ...

@Michael Margolis . I don't peruse this site too often but noticed this posting by you with a question about the new ...

Vincent Burris
Hello Members, Does anyone within our community have experience (currently and/or previously) with COBOL, as a ...
Vincent Burris Feb '22
WOW! You are going way back. I had some intro to COBOL and Fortran in college, back in the early eighties. Nothing ...
Jennifer Grantham
We’re creating our documentation hierarchy as part of implementing a QMS based on ISO 9001 and were thinking of ...
Kerry Bass
Today the United States of America commemorates a major event in the life of our country. One that challenged, and ...
Kerry Bass Jan '22
Rhonda Farrell
Interested in exploring what drives sustainable performance and quality improvement in Government? Join our ...
Rhonda Farrell Dec '21
Rhonda Farrell
Interested in supporting the ANSI Designated Examiner Training, maturing out the Standard, advocating for ...
Rhonda Farrell Dec '21

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