RIASQ 2020 Executive Team 1409

RIASQ 2020 Executive Team

No leadership position communications or nominations have been received from the membership through myASQ or RIASQ.org. 
Therefore the following slate is being submitted.

Elected Officers:
          Chair:                                                    Chris Cinieri has accepted the nomination
          Secretary:                                              Dean Chapman has accepted the nomination
          Financial Advisor (Treasurer):               Ken Hayeshas accepted the nomination

Required Positions (can be appointed by Chair; not elected, can be voluntary, multiple people can fulfil this function as a committee)
          Membership Chair:                                Steve Blanchette has accepted the appointment
          Nominating Chair:                                 John Torrey has accepted the appointment

          Auditing Chair:                                      John Skory has accepted the appointment

Other important functions (can be appointed by Chair; not elected, can be voluntary, some of these are single person functions while others can be a group/team/committee effort with shared responsibilities)

Programs (Determine who is speaking, what activities and tours are done):        
                                                                       Dean Chapman has accepted the appointment

Arrangements (Determines where functions such as dinner meetings, activities, lectures, etc. will be held): 
                                                                  Joe Malachowski has accepted the appointment

MyASQ (Internet/Communications):     Steve Massarone has accepted the appointment

Education Chair:                                   Rick Fay has accepted the appointment

Newsletter:                                            Open

Publicity:                                               John Crawford has accepted the appointment

Voice of the Customer (VoC):               Mitch Henderson accepted the appointment 

Scholarship:                                           Jane Pilz has accepted the appointment

Placement:                                             John Skory has accepted the appointment

Ken Hayes, Nominating Chair
News Rhode Island Section 10/31/2020


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