Center For Electoral Quality And Integrity (CEQI)


The formation of the Center for Electoral Quality and Integrity (CEQI) inside the Government Division allows our society to take the next step in turning our position paper, Advancing a Quality Management System For US Elections, into a means to take action to promote broad acceptance of quality standards and practices for our government elections,” said ASQ CEO Ann Jordan.

The CEQI is a means by which ASQ is promoting the wide adoption of consensus electoral quality standards, using ISO/TS 54001:2019, ISO 9001:2015, and ASQ/ANSI G1 as templates, and offering guidance on how to ensure government electoral systems have the highest level of quality and integrity. ASQ will achieve this result by leveraging its brand and broad reach, as supported by the expertise and skills of our society and its members.


  • Benefits For Democracies
    • Greater acceptance of electoral and overall government legitimacy
    • Greater confidence in government operations
    • Enhanced societal image as regarded by businesses and citizens
  • Benefits For Electoral System Leaders
    • Confirmed objective quality of operations
    • Validated professionalism of their leadership
    • Improved attractiveness to employee and volunteer electoral staff

Position Paper

ASQ advocates for the adoption of an electoral quality management system (QMS) based on ISO/TS 54001:2019 and ISO 9001:2015 in U.S. election jurisdictions. A standardized electoral QMS can improve election procedures and operations, thereby bringing transparency to, and restoring confidence in, election results. As the world leader in quality, ASQ and its network of subject matter experts, including the ASQ Government Division, possess the necessary knowledge and skills to support U.S. electoral bodies in the advancement of an electoral QMS. Election excellence through quality can preserve and strengthen the integrity of U.S. democracy.

The CEQI will work collaboratively with external organizations, internal ASQ technical communities, and ASQ headquarters to encourage the widespread adoption of consistent quality standards and practices into government electoral processes.

ASQ, through the CEQI, will be known as a resource that government leaders and citizens turn to regarding the standardization of election processes that ensures the highest possible quality and integrity.

Community Engagement Opportunities

  • Advisory Board Recruiting and Integration
  • Strategic Design Implementation
  • Workshop Design and Development
  • Sponsorship Model & Community Engagement
  • Evaluator Training and Management


Kerry L. Bass is an ASQ Senior member and CEO & Principal of Potential To Reality Consulting LLC. He is a Certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt; an ASQ Certified Manager of Quality/Operational Excellence and Certified Quality Auditor; a PMI certified Project Management Professional and a certified Organizational Change Management Practitioner from Prosci. Mr. Bass has over 35 years of corporate, non-profit and public sector leadership experience.

Contact Information:

Kerry L. Bass, ASQ Senior Member, CLSS MBB, CMQ/OE, CQA, PMP
Chairman, Center for Electoral Quality and Integrity ASQ Government Division
CEO & Principal Potential To Reality Consulting LLC
Phone: (770) 217-7380

Richard E. Mallory, MM, PMP, CQA is a past Chair of the ASQ Government Division and is a Principal Consultant with Mallory Management in Sacramento, CA.  He is the lead author of the ANSI G1 standard and developer of structured system management and the author of three books on quality including “Quality Standards for Highly Effective Government,” Taylor and Francis Publishing, and Leadership Strategy: Creating Excellent Organizations, Trafford Publishing.  He is a seven-time examiner for the US and California Baldrige Quality Awards, and can be contacted at

Committee Members

  • John Baranzelli
  • Larry Edwards
  • Harsh Zadoo


  • CEQI is seeking volunteers whom are knowledgeable about electoral procedures and practices and who have a passion around election integrity.
  • If you are interested in volunteering, there is a wide spectrum of opportunities including awareness, engagement, collaboration, education and training, adoption, assessment, and continuous improvement activities, please reach out to Mr. Bass at his contact information above.
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