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Keynote Speaker RMMR 2024 Announced

By Tim Gaens posted 03/05/24 05:45 PM


Keynote speaker:
Alexander J. Porter

Alexander (Alex) J. Porter is the Global Director of Engineering at Intertek, and has been with the company since 1992. Over the course of his employment at Intertek Alex has held positions in materials testing, finite element analysis, sales, engineering development, Chief Engineer and now Global Director of Engineering. Alex got his start in business development by bringing FEA methods into the physical test laboratory.

Starting in 1996, Alex began developing accelerated testing methods for mechanical components and systems. Alex worked with automotive, furniture, industrial and appliance manufactures to develop accelerated test methods that could quickly identify design inherent failure modes and reduce development time. Alex has three patents related to accelerated testing equipment and has authored over 40 articles and technical papers on accelerated testing. In 2002 Alex was approached by Elsevier press about writing a book on Accelerated Testing. That book, Accelerated Testing and Validation, was published in 2004. The same year SAE approached Alex about teaching a class based on the book. Alex has been teaching “Accelerated Test Methods for Ground and Aerospace Vehicle Development” since June of 2004.

Starting in 2008 Alex has worked within the Global Chief Engineering team of Intertek and is the principle architect for the current global qualification system that tracks the engineering qualifications across three continents for Intertek. Alex has also deployed a global system for tracking Non-Standard and benchmark testing protocols and approvals spanning three covenants that ensures competitive testing is traceable and unimpeachable. Alex has personally tested everything from robotic babies, kitchen sinks and parts of the space station.

Alex is a member of SAE, He holds a B.S. in Aircraft Engineering and an M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Western Michigan University, and is a Professional Engineer in the State of Michigan.

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