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RMMR 2023 Presentations

By Tim Gaens posted 09/10/23 02:50 PM


RMMR 2023 Presentations


RMMR Conference presentations
Below an overview of the presentations as given at the RMMR conference in Minneapolis July 27-28.

The presentations we have permission to share are included.

July 27

Is it New, Unique, or Difficult? – Daniel C. Conrad

Making the most from reliability experiments via multifactor testing – Mark J. Anderson

Risk Management for UPS Systems (Uninterruptible Power Supply) used in Server Farm Infrastructure – Greg Zinkel

Effective Use of FDA’s TPLC Database – Dan O’Leary

Improving Component Reliability and Human Productivity for Offshore Wind Turbines Operations and Maintenance – Yashwant Sinha

Active Condition Monitoring of Wind Turbines – Affan Khan

Systematic Approach to Prioritizing Durability Improvements – Hemant Urdhwareshe

Assessment of Oil Leak Containment Strategies in Refineries in Tropical Countries using Quantitative Risk Assessment and ALARP (As Low as Reasonably Practicable) – M Jamil Khan Nurul Amin

July 28

Bayesian Multimodal Models for Risk Analyses of Low-Probability High-Consequence Events – O. Arda Vanli

Transformation Leadership & Lean Strategy – Sean Nobari

Quality and Reliability tools for: capacity planning and costing – Edward Jaeck