Learn How to Establish a Companywide Quality Mindset

By Ruth Ola posted 04/03/24 08:27 AM

Join me at Ottawa Valley Section Lunch and Learn Event


This webinar will start by defining what quality mindset is and why leadership commitment is a major component of transforming the quality perspective across an organization.

The following points will be discussed on how to establish a quality mindset:

  • availability of resources from leadership;

  • support from process owners;

  • accessibility of QMS documents;

  • articulation of clear company’s goals and objectives;

  • development and deployment of company-wide training;

  • provision of continuous and timely QMS communication;

  • performance of regular internal audits; and

  • maximization of management review meetings.

Examples of tools will be provided that can be used to perform QMS activities such as Microsoft forms, SharePoint, Power Bi, SharePoint List, Power Automate etc.  We’ll wrap up the webinar by summarizing the benefits of a company wide quality mindset.