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Fall Virtual Kickoff Meeting Joint with Detroit and Ann Arbor Sections and Automotive Division Thursday September 21, 2023

By Lou Ann Lathrop posted 09/18/23 12:26 PM

Quality as an Enabler for Cummins Today and Tomorrow
Presenter Judy Brunson

Judy Brunson is the Vice President of Global Quality for Cummins, 
Inc. In this role, she is responsible for leading the Cummins Global 
Quality organization and setting the overall strategy for Quality 
across the Cummins (CMI) enterprise...a strategy that is customer 
centric, focused on product excellence and sustainable into the 
future of the very diverse and complimentary markets and 
customers that Cummins serves. 
Judy has been a member of the Cummins team for 2 years. She 
spent the first half of her career with Daimler and the 
DaimlerChrysler family of companies...and she is looking forward to 
spending the second half of her career with Cummins. In her former 
role, Judy was responsible for developing and executing the North 
American Strategy for Mercedes Benz to achieve and sustain its 
now recognized leader status in Quality and Customer Experience. 
In her current role, she is a proud member of the Cummins Black 
Network (CBN) and volunteers her time in support of Cummins 
CARE Initiatives including, the Police Reform Initiative in Rocky 
Mount, North Carolina and the Six Sigma Racial Equity Initiative in 
Indianapolis, Indiana.
On a personal note, Judy was married to the late Todd Brunson, and 
is the proud mother of identical twin sons (Loren Chase & Julian 
Jordan). Judy is Passionate about Faith, Family, and Friends. She 
also enjoys the aesthetics of things: cooking, decorating, event 
planning, and HGTV. Judy is an accomplished distance runner and 
has competed in five marathons in the last six years.