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Applying Dr. Deming's Methods in the Workplace - April 16 2024 Columbia Basin ASQ Virtual Meeting

By Jo Haberstok posted 03/27/24 05:29 PM


Join us on April 16 for this virtual meeting/presentation!

Date:  Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Time:  6:00 pm to 7:30 pm PDT

There is no charge for attendance, but registration is required by April 13.  Send an email to

Applying Dr. Deming’s Methods

in the Workplace

Presenter: Steve Prevette

                   Instructor, ASQ Fellow & CQE

For many years managers have jumped from one “new” leadership theory to another.  At one time, W. Edwards Deming was preeminent in the field of quality, and in many circles, his principles are still highly regarded.  In fact, the Deming Prize is still a major award for service and manufacturing quality in Japan.

The Deming Philosophy, known as Dr. Deming's “theory of management” and later his System of Profound Knowledge, represents a holistic approach to leadership and management.  It brings together an understanding of variation, theory of knowledge, psychology, and appreciation for a system, and is a way for people and organizations to continually improve. 

In this presentation, attendees will be introduced to Dr. Deming's System of Profound Knowledge. This is an interesting mix of the "hard side" such as statistical analysis and understanding systems, with the "soft side" of psychology and culture.  We will discuss how Statistical Process Control interacts with Human Performance, Theory of Knowledge (how do I know what I know) with Operational Definitions and System Thinking.

Steve will relate personal stories, and stories from his mentors who worked with Dr. Deming, as well as his own experience with Nuclear Safety and teaching college students about quality assurance.  This will be a lively presentation, as Steve was known as the "passionate statistician" on Nuclear Sites and is a great storyteller.  Come and participate in an ongoing Quality Story!

About the presenter: Steve Prevette is an ASQ Fellow and ASQ Certified Quality Engineer.  A former Chair of the Columbia Basin section, he has been active with ASQ for over 30 years and is an advocate of statistical process control and understanding variation.  Steve currently teaches statistics and data analysis courses for Southern Illinois University at Carbondale for the School of Information Technology.  Past work experience includes supporting nuclear sites in Ohio, South Carolina, and Idaho with statistical performance analyses.

This is a virtual/online (MS Teams) meeting; 0.5 RUs will be awarded.  

Please RSVP by April 13  to for planning purposes.