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ASQ Montreal — 2023 Business Plan Summary And Results To Date (2023-03-03)

By Jean-Pierre Amiel posted 03/07/23 03:10 PM



dbd6887db56976e6a4f410534932d572-huge-caBy J.P. Amiel, ASQ Senior, CQA ret., Secretary

In 2023, ASQ-HQ continues its Business Plan based on four major strategic goals. In order to support those strategic goals, the ASQ Regions, Divisions and Sections developed an overall strategic plan aligned with those goals and based on four major priorities: Drive thought leadership; Provide an advanced and comprehensive education experience; Enhance the member experience, and Institute best practices.

For your Montreal Section Section Leadership Team (SLT), this then translated into the development of local action plans and objectives which are briefly described below and aligned with ASQ-HQ’s Strategic Goals. Results as of 2023-03-03 are also indicated.

1. ENHANCED RETENTION AND GROWTH: Focus on member retention, especially on New Members and NextGen. Support the Growth efforts, especially at Student Branches and International levels.
  • Conduct networking session with educational institution(s)/students
  • Establish contacts to an educational institution(s)
For the above two plans, as part of the Student Outreach program, a member of the SLT is working with Concordia University to develop webinars with local presenters. We have created awards to promote students at McGill and the École de technologie supérieure and are looking for contacts at other local universities to continue.
  • Pilot membership growth strategy: Under the guidance of the membership chair, the Section Leadership Team (SLT) is developing a growth strategy effort.
2. HIGH VALUE MEMBER ACTIVITIES: Design programs and initiatives that are diversified and add value to membership, meet/exceed their identified needs and expectations and support the Mission of ASQ. Think out of the Box to WOW members.
  • Support Region and/or Special Event: When not in conflict with other conferences, the Montreal Section will support the events either financially or by providing lecturers or participants.
  • Engage members and customers through sponsored professional events: The Section is planning at least eight events this year with a minimum of two in French. Results: 40%. Two events held so far and both in French.
3. ENGAGED AND EMPOWERED COMMUNITIES: Maintain engaged and empowered communities that are compliant with the Society and GCC policies and procedures and align with the GCC Strategic Direction. Ensure high Member Leaders satisfaction and engagement.
  • Acknowledge MUOA: Each year the Montreal Section SLT must basically confirm that they will abide with the Member Unit Operating Agreement (MUOA) which describes the terms of ‘affiliation’ with ASQ. Results: 100%.
  • Complete ASQ's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) training: All members of the SLT must follow and pass a course on the use and safeguarding of personal data provided by ASQ members. Results: 100%.
  • Host in-person meetings / virtual webinar to maintain proficiency: The Section is planning at least eight events this year with a minimum of two in French. Webinars have allowed us to host more non-local members/non-members. We are planning two live events this year.
  • Conduct Section Leadership Team (SLT) meetings: Typically, the SLT meets 10 times a year and we invite members to participate. Results: 20%. Two meetings held so far.
  • Participate in at least one of GCC's meetings or trainings: The goal is to have at least half of the SLT members to participate in at least one monthly virtual meeting with our Regional Director (RD) or in an ASQ training session. Results: 67%. Four SLT members attended the January GCC Annual Kick-Off / Member Leader Orientation & Training.
  • Issue regular newsletters throughout the active part of the year: We typically issue nine Newsletters a year with a number of Welcome letter to new members and one Holiday greeting letter. Results: 22%. Two Newsletters published so far and one Welcome letter sent.
4. OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE: Leverage the expertise of Quality Professionals to ensure best practices in culture, operations, governance and financial transparency are implemented to support GCC plans and the operations of Region Centers and Geographic Communities.
  • Submit officers list using Committee Manager tool: Although the Nominating Committee works during the year to promote and encourage members to participate in the SLT, by November, the members of the new team must be identified to ASQ HQ. Results: 100%.
  • Prepare and submit first draft of yearly business plan and budget to RD for approval: The Business Plan document described here and its supporting Budget is prepared by the Treasurer and the SLT, and it is reviewed with the RD. Results: 100%.
  • Prepare and submit final RD-approved yearly business plan and budget to Component Relations: Once reviewed with the RD it is submitted to ASQ-HQ. Results: 100%.
  • Post content on Montreal Section myASQ website: This post on the Montreal Section Business Plan allows us to meet this mile-stone requirement. Results: 100%.
  • Submit final Business Plan update in Q1 2023 by communicated deadline: Part of our regular mile-stone requirements. Results: 100%.
  • Submit year-end financial report, if not completely on Billhighway: Billhighway is the new software used by ASQ to coordinate its financial activities with it’s sections throughout the world. Part of our regular mile-stone requirements.