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ASQ — Member Only Monthly Gift Package (March 2023)

By Jean-Pierre Amiel posted 03/03/23 12:40 PM

 March Member Gift Bundle
This Month's Gift Bundle: Design Thinking and Design for Six Sigma!
This month ASQ shares lots of resources on Design Thinking and Design for Six Sigma (DFSS). By applying Design Thinking principles and DFSS, organizations can better understand and get ahead of customer needs, develop innovative solutions, and design processes that are both efficient and effective.
Exclusive Member Resource Bundle includes:
  • Introductions to design and DFSS topics including Six Sigma, Voice of the Customer (VOC), Design of Experiments (DOE), and Quality Function Deployment (QFD).
  • Webcasts and Webinars on using DFSS for Process Improvement, Design Thinking and Innovation, and a case study on DFSS Enabled Metrics and Processes.
  • E-Books and Samplers including DFSS as Strategic Experimentation, Implementing DFSS, Practical DOE, and Advanced QFD Applications!
  • Popular articles and case studies on integrating DFSS into Agile development, complex problem solving with DFSS and Six Sigma, improving patient services with DMADV tools, capturing and analyzing VOC data.
  • And much more...

Your exclusive member gift will be available through
March 31, 2023.

Access Your Member Gift HERE .
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