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ASQ Montreal — 2022 Business Plan Summary and Results (2022-12-31)

By Jean-Pierre Amiel posted 12/27/22 02:51 PM



By J.P. Amiel, ASQ Senior, CQA ret., Secretary

For 2022, ASQ-HQ developed its Business Plan based on the following four strategic goals:

1. Drive thought leadership

3. Enhance the member experience
2. Provide an advanced and comprehensive education experience

4. Institute best practices

To support these strategic goals, an overall plan, based on four major priorities, was then developed for all the Regions, Divisions and Sections. Each one was expected to provide a number of measurable action items to be completed by the end of December. Described below is the Montreal Section’s share of these goals and actions, and how well we fared at those tasks.

1. ENHANCED RETENTION AND GROWTH: Focus on member retention, especially on New Members and NextGen. Support the Growth efforts, especially at Student Branches and International levels.

  • Initiate a student branch proposal: The Montreal Section decided not to pursue this goal as we had already had a student branch for many years (Concordia and HEC) and found it difficult to promote and maintain due to regular changes in university leadership.
  • Conduct one networking session with educational institution(s)/students: The section held two Student Outreach webinar events at Concordia University (May 19 & July 07) and attended a Student Networking Event at the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) Business school of business (Dec 2). Results: >100%.
  • Establish contacts with three educational institution(s): We maintained our connections with Concordia University, UQAM, and the École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS). With the latter, Marcel Charbonneau created and awarded the 2022 Denis Pronovost Award (June 15). Results: >100%.
  • Implement a membership growth strategy: By posting interviews of three senior members on their career paths, Eric Hosking and Samira Kazemi promoted ASQ growth membership. These three "Wisdom from our Wisest" articles were also published in our Newsletter, our website and on myASQ (Mar 15, April 16 and May 13). Results: >100%.
2022 Cert Of Appreciation - Section Chair Montreal

2. HIGH VALUE MEMBER ACTIVITIES: Design programs and initiatives that are diversified and add value to membership, meet/exceed their identified needs and expectations and support the Mission of ASQ. Think out of the Box to WOW members.

  • Support two Regional and/or Special Events, when not in conflict with our activities: We held a virtual meeting with Vancouver Section leaders on interpretation and Zoom use for the 2022 Canada Region Conference and another with the Toronto Section Chair on myASQ website preparation. At the request of the Regional Director prepare four Zoom workshops for Section Leaders (May 10, May 12, May 24). We sponsored the 2022 Canada Region Conference by $1000. Results: >100%.
  • Engage members and customers with at least eight professional events with a minimum of two in French: We held nine virtual events and a tenth on-site in October, including two in French and three bilingual (Jan 26, Feb 23, Mar 30, Apr 27, May 25, June 15, Sept 28, Oct 10, Oct 26 and Nov 30). Results: >100%.

3. ENGAGED AND EMPOWERED COMMUNITIES: Maintain engaged and empowered communities that are compliant with the Society and GCC policies and procedures and align with the GCC Strategic Direction. Ensure high Member Leaders satisfaction and engagement.

  • Development and dissemination of new content for the Quality Body of Knowledge (BoK) addressing current needs in the environment served by the member unit by communicating and increasing awareness of ASQ BoK, e.g. postings, articles on various Certification BoK topics, etc. at least twice on myASQ: We posted 15 myASQ News items dealing with ASQ and quality subjects; 16 dealing with BoK. Results: >100%.
  • Increase the total myASQ Website activity year over year, create eight events, four new topics and one blog posts: We created 12 myASQ Event items and 100 myASQ News items (25 bilingual; 42 in English and 33 in French). We also created: Five Blog Events; Three Files of Newsletter Archives Uploaded; 25 New Topics; 26 Event Review Items; 27 ASQ Advertisements; and 17 BoK Article. Results: >100%.
  • Increase the number of members that join the myASQ community to 100: Through advertising and postings, we increased our community 87 to 123. Results: >100%.
  • Host eight virtual meetings/webinars to maintain proficiency: We held 12 events with one live in October. Results: >100%.
  • Focus on Quality 4.0 either one webinar/discussion group and one Newsletter article or discussion summary related to Canadian experience or practice: In September, we posted an article in myASQ, our LinkedIn group and our Newsletter. Results: 100%.

4. OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE: Leverage the expertise of Quality Professionals to ensure best practices in culture, operations, governance and financial transparency are implemented to support GCC plans and the operations of Region Centers and Geographic Communities.

  • All Section Leadership Team members must complete the ASQ General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) training by May 2022 in order to maintain access to Office 365 account. Results: 100%.
Well, it was quite a year indeed.