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ASQ Canada Greenland Regional Events | Événements Région Canada & Groenland 2022

By Jean-Pierre Amiel posted 04/01/22 02:02 PM


These events are subject to change, so check for updates. | Vérifiez les mises à jour car iI peut y avoir des changements.


Date Description ASQ Section Local Time Reservations
Rev. 2022-06-02
2022-04-05 So, what is creativity anyway! with Edwin Garro, Chairman of PXS Global; Dwight author, presenter and mentor to Indigenous and non-Indigenous people; Ruth Stanley, founder of Boann Consulting and Tim Ragan, founder of C-view Strategies.
Now, more than ever, we need creativity. It is one of the top five skills required for the future of work, but what is it and do you think that you are creative? Join us for a quick primer and a brief exercise to find your creative flow.
Hamilton 19:00 pm Information
2022-04-13 Learn Quality 4.0, Part 2

• Milton Krivokuca on People Analytics: The Digital Application to Transform Human Factors in Quality 4.0
• Lily Man on How are we leveraging technologies in healthcare to facilitate value creation flow?
• Fang Zhou on Analytics Capabilities
Saskatchewan 12:00 pm Information
2022-04-25 Fault Tree Analysis as a Means to Promote Safety with Jennifer Akers. Vancouver 20:00 pm Information
2022-05-18 Learn Quality 4.0, Part 3 Saskatchewan 12:00 pm Information
2022-05-23 Quality in Business Writing: "10 Crushing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them" with Leslie O'Flahavan Vancouver 18:00 pm Information
2022-06-08 Quality Professional role in Enterprise Risk Management with Chaitanya Baliga.
Businesses of any size have to manage risks, and this is true throughout the business life-cycle. It is an essential business activity for all enterprises and they need to identify, understand and manage the uncertainties or risks critical to achieving success.
Toronto 12:00 pm, CT Information
2022-09-14 Learn Quality 4.0, Part 4 Saskatchewan 12:00 pm Information
2022-10-04 Applying Six Sigma in a coffee shop with Thomas Nagel in Germany.
Etwas Six Sigma zum Kaffee?
(Some six Sigma with your coffee? | Un peu de six sigma avec votre java?)
Montreal 12:00 pm, CT Information
2022-10-05 Global Trends in Circular Economy pertaining to waste management with Chaitanya Baliga.
"e-waste" is one of the fastest growing waste streams in recent times due to the increased consumer demand for electronic products and the perceived obsolescence due to rapid changes in technology and invention of new electronic devices.
Toronto 12:00 pm, CT Information
2022-10-12 Learn Quality 4.0, Part 5 Saskatchewan 12:00 pm Information
2022-11-16 Learn Quality 4.0, Part 6 Saskatchewan 12:00 pm Information
2022-12-07 System thinking approach in quality management systems with Chaitanya Baliga.
Problems or opportunities that Quality professionals encounter today are the result of years of systemic issues percolating in complex environments. Systems thinking is an approach to reasoning and treatment of problems/opportunities. With practice, they may be better prepared to implement the best solutions to the right problem/opportunity when encountered.
Toronto 12:00 pm, CT Information