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SQEs Are The Backbone of Supply Chain Quality

By Janet Lentz posted 01/21/24 01:53 PM


Supply Chain Quality faces significant challenges, including:

1. Supplier Reliability - Using multiple suppliers for one product can lead to variations in quality if the suppliers differ in their commitment to quality standards.

2. Communication Gaps -  Ineffective communication between suppliers and customers may impact product quality and delivery.

3. Globalization Issues - Managing quality across international borders introduces risk related to regulatory compliance, cultural differences, and logistics.

4. Supply Chain Disruptions - Unanticipated events like natural disasters or geopolitical issues can disrupt the supply chain, impacting on time delivery of goods to customers.

5. Demand Fluctuations - Rapid changes in demand can strain the supply chain, potentially compromising quality due to rushed production or inadequate resources.

6. Quality Oversight - Where quality is closely tied to safety, ensuring a strong supply chain is paramount.

Addressing these challenges requires strategic planning, effective communication, and SQEs that fully understand the risks, requirements, regulations, and cultures involved. SQEs are the backbone of incoming product quality, and work hand-in-hand with inspection and procurement to mitigate supply chain risks. They are critical to any quality assurance effort.

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01/26/24 10:23 AM

Thank you for this post Janet! 

As 15yr SQE veteran, these really hit home! 

I'll "Yes And" your list by adding "Supply Chain Capability" to be your list of challenges! 

Supply Chain Capability: Misalignment between design requirements & supply chain capabilities can impact launch timing & product quality. 

A significant part of my current role is to both: 

A) Help our design teams set clear & achievable requirements. 
B) Develop our supply chain to meet the ever-increasing expectations of product quality.