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Worth the Effort

By Janet Lentz posted 11/15/23 06:11 AM



Yesterday I acquired a heavily tarnished silver plate and two silver cups from Goodwill. It took time and more than a little elbow grease, but eventually I got them to glow. Turns out the plate has a beautiful pattern engraved on it. It’s quite lovely. One of the cups is engraved with a date - 1952. Someone else must have used them, and loved them, long ago. 

As I scrubbed away the years of neglect, I had time to reflect on how my life is like this silver. 

My skills and knowledge will tarnish with age unless I continually work to keep them shiny and new. 

My body will certainly deteriorate unless I live a healthy lifestyle. 

My relationships will wither away unless I strive to keep them fresh and meaningful. All of it is worth the time and effort I put into it.

Is there someone you know with potential hidden by the tarnish of neglect?

Perhaps a process that has been left too long without examination and improvement?

A relationship that could use a jump start?

I gave a brand new life to my beautiful plate and cups. Instead of languishing unwanted on a shelf, they will serve me well, loved and appreciated once again.