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Quality Detectives Rule

By Janet Lentz posted 08/23/23 07:05 AM



I admit it. I’m one of those true crime fans glued to forensic shows from time to time. What fascinates me is not just human nature, but the process of investigation and the tools that are used to determine the truth of events.

 As a Quality professional, I was often called upon to investigate why a problem occurred and to lead efforts to ensure it never happened again.

Defining the problem can be tricky. Facts can be hidden. Records can be incomplete. You might get conflicting information. People can lie to avoid making themselves look bad (thank you, Joe Kenda).

I found a good way to start is to answer who, what, when, where, how bad and how many. 

Be specific. Observe the process in action if possible. What was supposed to happen vs. what did happen?

Before you move on to the corrective action process, make sure you fully understand the situation. 

Effective corrective action starts with an accurate problem statement.