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Quality Rocks

By Janet Lentz posted 08/17/23 08:10 AM


I was continuously employed for 43 years. 

I’m not special. I’m probably “average” by most measures of talent and knowledge. If I were completely honest, I’d even say I’m a little on the lazy side.

My secret? It’s no secret. I spent my entire career working in Quality Control, Quality Assurance or both, once with EHS thrown in for good measure.

We all know that job security doesn’t exist. But working in Quality turned out to be the closest thing you can probably get. 

My career spanned many different types of industries, from construction to aerospace. Different businesses, different requirements, ONE skill set applicable to all. A skill set that was highly in demand, and in 2012, coupled with a certification in professional coaching, became a powerhouse for moving my career forward and up.

Along the way, ASQ helped me meet people and receive training that gave me a solid foundation for a career strategy that worked. Thanks, ASQ. Quality rocks.