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History of ASQ Buffalo section 0201

By Douglas Golde posted 19 days ago


In November, 1943, the Society of Quality Control Engineers of Buffalo met. The organization had 41 members. The originating officers were:
    C. Wing, President
    Dr. M. Brumbaugh, Vice President
    V. Grom, Secretary
    G. Harrold, Treasurer
One of the original members, Dr. Martin A. Brumbaugh stood out as a driving force that would contribute to the foundation of what would be known as the American Society for Quality Control, and now know as the American Society for Quality. As early as 1944, Brumbaugh publicly advocated a national organization of quality control practitioners. At that time, he was Professor of Statistics an the University of Buffalo, Vice President of the Society of Quality Control Engineers of Buffalo, and editor of that organization's newsletter, Industrial Quality Control.
The first issue of Industrial Quality Control was published in Buffalo in July, 1944. It would later be succeeded by the Journal of Quality Technology and Quality Progress.
In February, 1946, Brumbaugh Chaired the organization meeting that launched the ASQC. The Society of Quality Control Engineers became the Buffalo Section of the ASQC, and Industrial Quality Control became the Society's national publication. ASQC's Brumbaugh Award was established in 1948 in his honor.
Since that time, the Buffalo Section hosted the 18th Annual ASQC Convention at the Statler Hilton Hotel in May, 1964.