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ASQ Phoenix- LSS GB Tools Webinar -Part 5-Fifth Edition FMEA (FMEA Part 2 plus more) - July 17, 2024

By Barbara Banek posted 27 days ago


LSS Greenbelt Tools Part 5 - Fifth Ed. FMEA (Part 2 of FMEA plus more)

Wednesday, July 17, 2024

3:00 PM - 5:15 PM 

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The Part 2 follow-on to the April 17th training session which focused on the component structure and functionality of products and processes detailed in the FMEA 5th Edition standard is coming up on Wednesday, July 17th.  The topics that will be covered in Part 2 are:
The Kano Model – understanding the relationships between Basic/Must Be quality versus Performance quality versus Exciting Quality, especially understanding how unspoken customer input can impact your design and success.
Customer Journey Maps – looking at multiple aspects of the customers journey and impact of various elements on their value decisions
CX – Customer Experience…the Trifecta: Speed, Knowledgeable Help, Friendliness
Quality Function Deployment – converting the needs of the customer into the technical language and metrics that engineers can use to maximize the utility and acceptance of a design.
Technology Readiness Assessment – A structure for evaluating the readiness of mature versus immature technologies, especially considering the interfaces between them and the resulting functionality, reliability/durability, etc.

Persons involved in the design or re-design of services or products (or the processes needed to deliver them) will find knowledge of these tools essential to doing an outstanding job in a limited resources environment.