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ASQ Phoenix Section Call for Volunteers-April 2024

By Barbara Banek posted 03/30/24 01:06 PM


Call for Volunteers–                                                                    April 2024

            Program Chair, Chair-elect, Arrangements Chair, and Social Media Admins

Earn additional RUs by serving on a Section Committee or as a member of the Section Leadership Team.

Your time, passion, and energy are needed now in the following capacities:

  • Program Chair:
    • Recruit and confirm guest speakers for our monthly Program meeting
      • Suggestions from the Program survey feedback
      • Personal experience and professional network
      • Speakers from other ASQ conferences (WCQI, LSSC, etc.)
      • Speaker s from other ASQ Sections, ASQ Divisions
      • Speakers from partner organizations: AZTC, AZ-MEP, SWAE, etc.
      • Speakers from the ASQ Speaker Bureau
    • Obtain speaker bio, photo, contact information, topic title, abstract.
  • Chair-elect:
    • The Section Chair elected to a 2-year term. In the second year a Chair-elect is recruited, slated, and elected for purposes of grooming and on-boarding.
    • The Chair-elect assumes the role of Section Chair the year following the current Section Chair’s 2nd year.
  • Arrangements Chair:
    • The Arrangements Chair is responsible for identifying possible venues to hold in-person events like the monthly Program meeting, courses, networking, etc.
    • The Arrangements Chair also coordinates with vendors such as catering.
    • The Arrangements Chair presents contracts to the Section Chair for approval.
    • If the Arrangements Chair cannot attend a ASQ Phoenix Section in-person event, a co-Chair can be appointed for purposes of on-site registration and logistics.
  • Social Media content managers (3):
    • create short videos (reels) about Section and local quality events on ASQ Phoenix’s Instagram account
    • update ASQ Phoenix Section’s LinkedIn group
    • update ASQ Phoenix Section’s Facebook page

For more details contact Hilary Werner or QualityBob Mitchell.