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ASQ Phoenix- LSS GB Tools Webinar -Part 4-Fifth Edition FMEA - April 17, 2024

By Barbara Banek posted 03/26/24 09:30 PM


LSS GB Tools - Part 4: Fifth Edition FMEA

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

3:00 PM - 5:15 PM Phoenix (MST)

3:00 pm PDT, 4:00 pm MDT, 5:00 pm CDT, 6:00pm EDT

Event/Registration Link:   Greenbelt - Part 4 - Fifth Ed. FMEA

Webinar Overview

As a quality professional, you know that continuous improvement is key to maintaining a high level of quality in your organization. One of the steps in the DMAIC process is to perform a Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA). FMEA is a systematic method for identifying potential failures in a process and assessing their impact. By performing an FMEA, you identify the critical components of a process and take steps to mitigate the risk of failure. As you generate your FMEA in the Define and Measurement phase, you will continue to use it in the Analyze phase to identify the root cause of the problem that you are trying to solve. By incorporating FMEA into your DMAIC process, you can achieve sustainable improvements in your processes, and maintain a high level of quality in your organization.

The Fifth Edition of the FMEA standard, released in June 2019, is part of the quality community’s evolving emphasis, changing from ‘after the fact’ detection (inspection) to ‘before or during the fact’ prevention. Mission-critical industries (aerospace, automotive, medical devices, nuclear-related) recognized the need for prevention early on and focused major efforts on understanding how to shift to a much greater prevention orientation. This change in emphasis impacts both existing processes (and their performance measurement) as well as how we design, implement, and support new processes and products (systems). 

The Fifth Edition of FMEA introduces a third type of FMEA to augment the original two FMEAs and their focus on Design and Process. The “FMEA for Monitoring and System Response” (FMEA-MSR) addresses maintaining a certain level of performance throughout a system’s life cycle. And, making structured provisions such that performance can be evaluated and adjusted as needed.

The topic of evolving metrics will be Part 2 of this two-part FMEA series: “Moving from Detection to Prevention” and will be delivered in the next class offering.

Cost:    $30 ASQ Members    $40 NonASQ members    $20 Students