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ASQ Phoenix - October 12, 2023 Virtual Meeting - "Navigating to the Future With Emotional Intelligence and Courage"

By Barbara Banek posted 09/17/23 07:31 PM


ASQ Phoenix October 12, 2023, Program Meeting – Virtual

6:00pm – 8:00pm Phoenix (UTC: -7)

AGENDA: All times are Phoenix (MST):

6:00 pm – Gather

6:05 pm – Virtual Networking

6:30 pm – Welcome & Announcements

6:45 pm – Guest Speaker Presentation

7:45 pm – Q&A

7:55 pm – Wrap-up

8:00 pm – Adjourn

SPEAKER: Camilla Tuominen, Speaker, author and illustrator

TOPIC: Navigating to the Future with Emotional Intelligence and Courage

BIO: Camilla Tuominen (M.Econ, basic studies in psychology) is an awarded and passionate keynote speaker on work life emotions, author and illustrator. She is a TEDx speaker and was selected as a Speaker of the year 2022 and 2021, and also as a Business influencer of the year 2019 in Finland.

Camilla worked for years as a management consultant but resigned in 2012 after she understood that the leading of emotions is the core skill of the future. She founded an emotion startup (Emotion Tracker), which she served as CEO until she sold it in 2019. She has written and illustrated three books on leading emotions, and the latest, “Emotions do not belong in the workplace”, was published in September 2020. 

More information:

ABSTRACT: We understand the why and how to optimize our strategy, processes, and technology but have we paid attention to the energy that makes all these happen? Emotions have a massive effect on our performance, and they affect our every encounter, yet they are often neglected areas in current business life.

The 24/7 information flow and the rise of AI make it pivotal for everyone to develop a new skill set for the future. We need to understand more than just facts to see the bigger picture, connect the unusual dots, listen to weak signals, and understand emotions.

To harness the power of emotions, we must start the journey within ourselves and look in the mirror. In this session, the participants will learn introductions to emotions: why should we all learn to understand emotions better, what emotions are and how we all can become wiser in leading them. In this session, you will learn through intriguing studies, case examples from business life, and illustrations.

LOCATION: via Zoom

COST: Free. Open to all.

We will be using Zoom Meeting to broadcast the October 12, 2023, Program meeting.

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