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ASQ Certification Help

By Arnold Miller posted 08/16/21 06:13 AM


The Boulder section offers help to anyone interested in getting an ASQ Certification.

Ron Sedlock, a long-time ASQ member, is available to help with your quality needs.

    • It is important to keep our quality efforts progressing while maintaining a safe environment. \\
    • Preparing people to pass ASQ certification exams is Ron’s specialty.
    • He offers FREE advice to individuals in need.
    • The next generation of quality professionals needs to be certified. 
    • NOW is the time to use quality to take our organization to unprecedented levels of excellence.

Ron Sedlock’s Bio and contact info:

    • Ron is a long-time member and co-founder of the Boulder Section.
    • He has 45+ years providing Quality training to individuals and companies.
    • Including ASQ Boulder 2020 Exam Preparation Course
    • Name: Ron Sedlock 
    • Phone or text: 303-458-9153