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Geographic Communities Council Region Director

Signup Deadline: 07-31-2024
Starts: 01-01-2025
Ends: 12-31-2026


The Geographic Communities Council (GCC) Region Director election cycle is just around the corner! The nomination period begins July 1st and ends on July 31st.

There are 13 regions that make up the GCC. Each Region is assigned a number; odd and even-numbered regions elect Region Directors in alternate years (odd calendar years for odd-numbered regions; even calendar years for even-numbered regions). 

The following Regions are up for election this year:

o   Mountain;

o   Europe, Middle East, and Africa;

o   Mexico, Central, and South America;

o   Canada & Greenland;

o   Russia, Asia, India, Australia, and Zealand;

o   West South Central.

Per the Election of Region Directors procedure, each section within the region has an opportunity to nominate one or more candidates to be their Region Director:

  •  Section chairs will receive communication from Component Relations regarding how to submit the nomination.
  • Section chairs confer with their leadership team to decide on their nomination. Multiple individuals can be nominated.
  • Section chair will submit their nomination via instructions included in the communication sent by Component Relations.

This volunteer opportunity posting is for awareness only – if you are interested in the role, please connect with your local section chair.

Description of Role:

As Geographic Community-elected representatives, Region Directors (RDs) are voting members of the Geographic Communities Council (GCC) and have all the authority and responsibilities outlined in the GCC Policies and Procedures.

As Region Directors of the GCC, you'll be the voice of the Society's mission and goals to the geographic community leaders* within your region. You'll champion ASQ’s principles, policies, and programs, ensuring everyone is on the same page. Your role includes helping sections meet standards set forth by the GCC and the Board and providing relevant support and training to your region leaders. You may appoint Deputy Region Directors to support you.

* Geographic communities include sections, student branches, and other groups as approved by the GCC

Required qualifications:

  • Demonstrated commitment to ASQ’s mission, vision, values, and ethics.
  • Region Directors must physically reside in the region they are serving. 
  • Region Directors must be senior members or higher in good standing; Region Directors may be elected to serve on the Board of Directors and must meet the requirements as outlined in ASQ’s Bylaws.
  • Region Directors may not hold other elected positions within the Society during their term of office with the exception of election to Board of Directors, GCC Chair and GCC Vice Chair.
  • Eligible nominees will have served in an elected position within an ASQ section prior to the nomination.

Term: Begins January 1, 2025 and ends December 31, 2026.

Review the Positions & Submissions Report to view which sections roll up to each specific region.

Review the GCC & TCC 2024 Org Charts to view the current Region Directors.

Recommend qualifications:

  • Demonstrated leadership, motivational, and collaboration skills.
  •  Budget/business planning experience and financial management acumen to support the communities within the Region.
  • Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Strong problem-solving abilities with the ability to make data-driven decisions.


1-   The Region Director acts as the voice of their designated region to the GCC. The Region Director also helps geographic community leaders understand and follow the Society's goals, rules, and programs ensuring they meet the Society's standards and requirements.

Relevant policies and procedures:

Geographic Communities Council Policy

Region Director Position Guide

Election of Region Directors

Geographic Communities Election of Directors to the Board of Directors

2- Meetings and Communication:

GCC Meetings: Region Directors are required to participate in at least 2/3s of the monthly GCC calls. 

                    Business meeting: 2nd Friday of each month

                    Pulse meeting: 4th Friday of each month

                    Planning meeting: 3rd Tuesday of each month

Region Meetings: Region Directors are expected to facilitate monthly Region Center calls with section leaders and establish regular communications with leaders throughout the year.

3-  Finances:

Review and approve the individual Geographic Communities business plans and budgets. The RD will help sections create business and budget plans as necessary.

Use Society funds per documented policies and procedures.


Financial Literacy
Leadership Skills
Relationship Building
Teamwork and Collaboration

Volunteers Needed:

6 (6 open slots)

Experience Required:

10+ Years Industry Experience


Monica Rynders

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