Contract Signed With Billhighway For MyASQ Finance

Having components such as member units adds a layer of complexity when it comes to operations and administration. What if ASQ member units could easily connect and share real-time data? What if member units could automate administrative, financial, and accounting tasks? What if ASQ member leaders spent less time administering, and had more time to increase membership retention, acquisition, and engagement? We think that Billhighway can solve the 'what ifs' at ASQ. It can offer more focus on members with simpler finances, improved data integrity, and eliminate risk.

Billhighway is a cloud-based platform that will help ASQ member units manage their finances through automation and standardization. Billhighway is the pioneer in bringing payment processing, online banking, and accounting together in one transparent system to improve operational efficiency and financial performance.

Since forming in 1999, Billhighway has processed over $7 billion in client transactions, and maintains over 96 percent client loyalty. Large associations who are successfully using Billhighway include the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), the American Advertising Federation (AAF), and the Missouri State Teachers Association (MSTA).

ASQ has chosen to partner with Billhighway because it has proven that it can unify finances and data, therefore simplifying operations. This means member units can focus on what matters: members and mission.

We know Billhighway is the right choice for ASQ as it brings not only their blend of technology and tools, but also an amazing team of people who will collaborate and empower ASQ member units to free up time and resources. They call their process DIG – Do more. Impact more. Grow more.

Many associations know through experience that most solutions implemented at a national level fail to roll out a solution that is acceptable to their member units. Billhighway is developing a plan that sets ASQ member units up for success. Treasurers, and in some cases, chairs, will receive expert guidance and support throughout the implementation process.
Our research shows that Billhighway handles finances and integrations exceptionally well and when they find something they don’t know about, they partner with other technology providers who are the best in the business. Some names you may be familiar with include Intuit QuickBooks, Salesforce, NimbleUser, and Aptify.
With myASQ Finance, member units’ daily activity will be automatically reconciled through a process that isn’t manual or time consuming.
If you have any questions, please contact the myASQ Finance Team at
Posted by Dana Blacks on Jul 2, 2018 11:26 AM America/Chicago