Thank You To Zubair Anwar, Rhonda Farrell, Nicole Radziwill, And April Schmidt From ASQE


ASQExcellence (ASQE) would like to thank Zubair Anwar, Rhonda Farrell, Nicole Radziwill, and April Schmidt for their volunteer efforts in support of ASQE’s final Ascend Virtual Workshop of 2022—focused on investing in customer-focused technologies—held on Wednesday, September 14th and utilizing data from the 2021 ASQE Insights on Excellence® (IoE) Executive Brief.

Zubair and Rhonda presented functional strategies for technology operationalization throughout the organization and how to use technology as a change driver. As Table Captains, April and Nicole led ASQE Organizational Member contacts in enriching breakout sessions and reported out key takeaways from their group’s discussion to the larger audience. ASQE appreciates the expertise and insight they all brought to this exclusive networking and learning event!

ASQE will return in 2023 with more Ascend Virtual Workshops to help our members connect and engage in this knowledge-sharing experience, and we are looking forward to it!
News Member Recognition 09/15/2022 12:34pm CDT