Member Spotlight: Meet Maryam Ahmadi Jeshvaghane

Maryam Ahmadi Jeshvaghane is the 2021 Richard A Freund International Scholarship winner! She will be pursuing her masters degree in Big Data Analytics at the San Diego State University in the spring.

Where do you live?6cca2aa500ac1f0de5f544ab2520eb32-huge-im
I am currently living in Tehran, but I will move to San Diego soon to start my master’s degree.

What’s the highest academic degree you’ve obtained? From where?
Bachelor’s degree in Industrial and Management Engineering, HUFS, South Korea

Is there a teacher who influenced you more than others? Why?
There are many professors who had great influence on me and my career. I can’t name one!

What did you consider your introduction to quality? This might be your first job in quality, or it might be a class, or something else altogether.
Before starting my bachelor’s degree, I used to work as a Korean interpreter in Iran and I had many chances to visit manufacturing plants. It was then that I realized how quality management is vital and decided to learn more about it.

Did/do you have a mentor who has made/makes a difference in your career?
My dad has always been my greatest mentor throughout my life.

What’s the best career advice you ever receive?
In choosing your future career, consider two points: 1- How do you like the job? 2- Does this job match your personality?

What is your current job?
Freelancer Korean/English language instructor

Have you had any previous jobs you consider noteworthy?
I worked in Kodak photo printer manufacturing company for around 5 months and during that time I helped them improve manufacturing efficiency in various ways. For instance, I introduced a new defect management flowchart which previously caused trouble in their shipping process. I also increased labor productivity in manufacturing line by altering some parts of packaging process.


What ASQ activities are you involved in?
I am new to ASQ, I would love to be engaged in ASQ activities from now on.

What activities or achievements outside of ASQ do you think are noteworthy?
I am a successful Korean, Persian and English language instructor, I have the highest level of proficiency in Korean language (TOPIK 6)
I am also a Korean-Persian translator/interpreter.

Have you published anything?
I have published a book in Korean language for Persian language learners!

What are your favorite ways to relax?
Playing violin

What books are you currently reading? Do you have any favorite authors?
The gift, Dr. Edith Eva Eger. I also enjoy reading Dr. Elif Shafak’s books

What was the last movie you saw?
Dream Alliance

Are you active on social media? Is there anyone you follow that you would recommend to others? Why?
yes, I upload my violin practice videos every day on Instagram. I would recommend “shit you should care about” Instagram page!

What would you like to say as your original quality quote? If you need some time to think about that one, that would be fine.
Always use a flowchart! Even for the simplest tasks. It’s magic!

How has being an ASQ member been valuable in your career?
I am definitely sure that it will be valuable in the future!

News Member Recognition 09/09/2021 3:02pm CDT