My Quality Hero - Energy And Power

For our next installment of My Quality Hero, we give you hero's from the Energy and Power industry. Thank you to everyone who submitted their Quality Hero during World Quality Month in November!

Fabio Ferraresi, director of business development—South America, Power

Systems Research, Campinas, Brazil
He introduced me to ASQ and I soon became a member. He has helped many Brazilian companies to survive these days, and he also volunteers at public healthcare facilities. —Luciana Lot

Terje Sørtun, quality and environment, health and safety manager, Siemens Energy, Stavanger Area, Norway
Terje Sørtun introduced me to the quality assurance world and was my mentor for two years. I believe implementing a quality culture in an organization is one of the ways to positively affect people through optimization of processes and developing a culture of “doing things right the first time.” Terje saw potential in me and provided me training and coaching to grow as a quality professional, and empowered me to develop others by giving me the right level of challenges and responsibilities in the organization. I see Terje as an example and role model in the quality business, and I never want to leave quality because I am confident in its value and impact for any business. I have the tools to embed quality in any future role I take because quality is now a part of who I am. —Cynthia Van-Dunem
News Member Recognition 04/09/2021 4:04pm CDT