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My Quality Hero - Executives

Sara Deaton, vice president of quality assurance, CEO of Atomic Wombat Inc., Huntsville, AL
She has mentored me throughout my career. She has taught me everything I know about quality assurance, and she has pushed me to further my career. She also makes sure I sign up for certifications, and I always have someone to help me any questions I might have. —Victoria Layton

Doug Ducey, governor of Arizona
He made it possible for me to apply true quality management into an industry that desperately needed it. He is a champion of quality in government. —Keith Smith

Jordon Honeck, vice president of operations and quality, Monteris Medical, Minneapolis
As a leader and mentor, he supported me professional and /personally to shape my career. After my 10 years of experience in multiple roles in engineering/R&D, he inspired me to take up a role in quality and helped me become a quality engineer. Jordon helped me gain knowledge and pushed me to be better each day. Jordon enabled me in achieving multiple professional certifications including ASQ’s Six Sigma Green Belt, quality engineer and manager of quality/organizational excellence. He continues to lead me and the team, setting an example for ethics and integrity. —Austin Irwin

Ibrahim Lawal
He is the founder of Beina Maintenance and Reliability. He was my tutor and mentor.
He gave me more insight about reliability generally. He guided many of us in Nigeria and Africa as well. He is a leader with no bound. He is a leader. No words can be used to describe him. He is just too wonderful. —Usman Kabala

Andrew Lizama, vice president of quality Boeing EnCore Interiors LLC, Torrance, CA
Andrew has been instrumental in my quality career by leading as an example. His leadership focus has taught me the value of applying quality management system tools into business transformation. Back at EnCore when I worked for him, Andrew always had the ears to listen and the heart that truly cares for his people’s success. He was always there to support me during tough challenges. —Mike Balbuena

Saidul Mahomed, editor and president, Qualitymark Editora Ltd., Rio de Janeiro Area, Brazil
Mahomed is a publisher who I met during my early career development, visiting the ASQ Congress in 1994. Mahomed opened doors for a business partnership. At the same time, during many trips to Brazil and the United States, he provided insights. He became my mentor—not just through his quality networking and know-how, but also his personal life and experiences as human being. Mahomed inspired me to move from Brazil to the United States. He also inspired me to expand my horizons and how to evolve in the quality community around the world. —Carlos DaSilva

Kamran Moosa, chief executive, PIQC Institute of Quality, Pakistan
He is a great personality. He inspired and attracted thousands of Pakistanis, including me, to become quality professionals. He has helped organizations in different sectors in establishing, maintaining and improving quality management systems for the last 30 years. —Shahzaf Iqbal

R.V. Ramachandran (deceased)
He only attended high school until the 12th grade and was unable to complete his formal education. That didn’t deter him from being ambitious and confident. He was a voracious reader and educated himself. He rose from the ranks of an hourly worker to become the chairman and managing director of KLC Ltd. in India. His passion for quality was unparalleled. He inspired not only me, but also countless others and helped build the careers of many people . —Balaji Reddie

Tony Perella, Silgan Container Corp., and Gary Lauber, formerly of Campbell Soup Co., Ohio
I would not have any of the opportunities I have had without the support of all the people that have worked with me. Gary Lauber was my first true mentor and taught me to “see the light”—he gave me my philosophy and tools. Tony Perella taught me the application of those tools. A 30,000-foot perspective. Both were individuals who could not be compromised. They were instrumental in my initial formative years. —Phil Kajtaniak

P.R. Ramesh, consultant and vice president, Seven Steps Business Transformation Systems, Bangalor, India
Ramesh is a Master Black Belt with 30-plus years of experience in the field of quality, business excellence, lean, Six Sigma, total quality management, total production maintenance and 5S. He is very good mentor and has taught many organizations to practice lean and Six Sigma. He has stimulated many minds to achieve success by the way he works. —Arulraj Radha

Sue Sutton-Jones, vice president of risk assessment/quality assurance, ACell Inc., Columbia, MD
Sue inspires all of her reports to reach higher in the field of quality. She provides clear direction, but also allows the individual leeway to act. She freely shares her knowledge to ensure the success of the next generation of quality leaders. Without her guidance, I wouldn’t have had the successful career that I have had. —Larry Pope

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