My Quality Hero - Engineers

Nathan Adekoya, software engineering manager, Universal Instruments Corp., Ithaca, NY
Nathan took a risk on me as a new hire with no corporate experience. At the time, he was the manager for the software quality group at Universal Instruments and I was a new software quality engineer. No matter how busy he was, he took time to train and develop his team myself included. He supported my involvement with ASQ and the International Software Testing Qualifications Board. He always took input and valued our opinions. When time permitted, he didn’t give instructions and instead asked questions to guide us through the correct way to think about a problem. Our department had fun. We managed to walk the line of celebrating finding issues (the earlier, the better) and not gloating in a way to cause tension with the software engineers. He created a culture in which we could help others. Lastly, he was there for me as I was going through life’s ups and downs. —Hadassah Mativetsky
David Adcock, quality engineering manager, Northrop Grumman, Dulles, VA
He has always believed in me. I feel invincible when I talk to him. He has fueled my ideas and provided constructive feedback. Worked together to save millions of dollars for the company. He is also my brother’s mentor. All three of us have worked at two different companies together. —Mauricio Tapia

Mohamed Aichouni, professor of quality engineering and management, University of Ha’il, Ha'il, Saudi Arabia
  • Professor and researcher in the field of quality engineering and management, he has supervised many research projects and has many books in the field of quality management and continuous improvement of operations. —Majed Alrehaili
  • His mission in his life is quality. —Sultant Alnassar
  • He has made significant contributions in the field of quality in the community in the Ha’il region, especially with nonprofit organizations. —Abdulrahman Alzamil
  • He’s considered the godfather of quality in the Arab world. An inspiring, humble leader —Abdullah Albnnaqi
  • Interested and dedicated to quality. He offers many quality courses and programs. He’s also an active participant in local and international conferences and forums on quality. —Mansour Alshammari
  • A modest, upbeat personality with a great deal of knowledge. He thirsts for learning and education and urges and helps others (free of charge) who are interested in quality. —Faisal Aldera
  • He is an encouraging individual who cultivates our love of quality in different and simple ways. —Sahmie AlSubaie
  • Because he has built the foundation of the quality in my city, Ha’il. He has helped open the master’s program in quality at the University of Ha’il and has made great efforts to opening a branch of Saudi Quality Association. He has taught quality courses and supervised many studies in quality. —Saud Alshamari

Boris Beizer, American software engineer and author (deceased)
If you ever wanted a thorough review of a paper, book, presentation or software product, Boris was the guy to have review it. Twice in my career, I asked Boris to review software; he did not disappoint. He practiced what he preached. His ability to surface the most obscure corner cases was astonishing. His interest included which algorithms were used, and the pros and cons of each. While he was an advocate of formal methods, he could be counted on to strike terror into the hearts of vendors at the exhibition hall just by walking by. If your exhibited tool or technique impressed Boris, he was also quick to praise it. —Gregory M. Pope

Mariam Bueno, principal quality engineer, B. Braun Medical Inc., Dominican Republic
Mariam created the experiences of being a quality professional who uses science, quality philosophy and tools to improve product quality, processes and the quality culture of the organization. He did this by leading key business initiatives—such as supplier quality improvement, specifications development and process simplifications—all while ensuring that quality tools, analysis and results knowledge are properly transfer to newest generation, which affects future quality professionals. —Raysa Geronimo

Kenneth E. Case, Regents Professor of industrial engineering, Oklahoma State University
I was recovering from cancer and had to leave corporate life and felt my only option was to strike out on my own as a consultant. Ken mentored me over a 26-year period to increase my education, encouraged me to solidify my professional credentials and advance my activities into volunteer work with ASQ. Each step of the way, he gave me sound advice and excellent pointers about what opportunities could come my way “if only” you could do this! “Could” became “would,” and the next thing you know, I have had a successful career. Thanks for the great guidance, Ken! —Gregory Watson

Shady El-Safty, director of manufacturing, engineering and quality at General Motors Egypt
At my time in General Motors, he coached me in several quality improvement projects. Then he was a great mentor during his time as the president of ASQ Egypt. —Shady Monsef

Miranda Gaff, quality engineer, Micropulse, Fort Wayne, IN
Miranda gave me chances that a lot of people would not have. She was my supervisor for a while at 80/20 Inc., and she opened my eyes to a lot of reasons why quality is important and how it does affect the outcome of the company. —Roy Krouse

Kevin Gramer, quality engineer, Asahi Kasei Plastics North America, Detroit
Kevin Gramer is not just my quality hero, but also is the hero to all in our small business. He faces the unique challenge of being the only certified Black Belt in our facilities and a quality mentor to all. No matter what issue he is working on, he always strives to help others and to provide the most tangible quality-based solution. To say that he is a team player would be a severe understatement of his dedication to the principles of quality, our organization and all its employees. I strive to be more like Kevin every day and hope to one day reach his level of expertise and passion toward life. Thank you, Kevin, for all that you have taught me. —Natalia Madrigal Martinez

Sandor G. Juhasz, northeast division quality manager, HNTB, New York
I am a project quality manager at HNTB’s Parsippany office. Sandor Juhasz is the division quality manager at HNTB’s Parsippany office and my mentor. Under Sandor’s leadership, I have started working as a project quality manager at my current firm. He has inspired me to take a lead role in quality management organizations outside my firm. When Sandor told me about the importance of ASQ’s membership for quality management professionals, I immediately joined ASQ’s local chapter of New Jersey. Since I have joined ASQ, I have made several professional contacts and attended webinars and monthly ASQ’s meetings. I can confidently say that joining ASQ was my biggest positive decision in my professional career. I have learned so much about the quality management after joining ASQ, which has helped me to work efficiently and confidently on my quality management tasks. I am thankful to Sandor for guiding me to become a quality management professional. —Rahul Luhar

Vasanth Kumar, senior quality engineer, Applied Materials, Santa Clara, CA
Vasanth is an amazing professional and has expertise in leadership and mentoring. With his unwavering confidence and genuine skills in Six Sigma and quality tools, he’s certain to come up with the best solutions to problems in the workplace. His aspiration to gain more knowledge has always inspired me. —Sachin R. Kini

Kathy Musumeci, senior quality engineer, Ericsson, New York
During the current global pandemic, working remotely has become the norm. But many are still learning how to be effective at working remotely. Kathy has not only mastered how to be effective while working remotely, but she also serves as a long-time volunteer leader at TIA QuEST Forum, where she has made significant contributions to the development of our TL 9000 Handbooks, especially the TL 9000 Measurements. Kathy currently leads our supplemental measurements library sub-team and recently included a new early software problem measurement in our online library. None of us at TIA QuEST Forum have ever seen Kathy in person, but we know that she is an active volunteer leader who redefines “being in the room where it happens.” Even though Kathy doesn’t travel—again, we’ve never seen her—she is an effective volunteer leader for TIA QuEST Forum. —Sheronda Jeffries

Manish Patel, director of engineering (data), Remine, Arlington, VA
He is too energetic, always hopeful with positivity. He believes in facts and daily walk through gembas on the shop floor and encourages the team members. Always looking for new concepts and thinking toward how to use these concepts in our practices. Customer-oriented focus. Listens properly everyone with a calm and cool demeanor. —Ramalal Pujari
Eileen Serrano, principal engineer, Roche, Puerto Rico
She clearly is my quality hero because she adopted me as a student from high school. Thanks to her advice and passion, I decided to start my undergraduate studies in industrial engineering. Then, during my university experiences, Eileen selected me as COOP student in Roche to be part of the business optimization team where I could apply and learn several engineering and quality tools. Thanks to Eileen, I participated during my undergraduate studies (six years) as an essential part of the ASQ UPRM Chapter directive. Her passion, coaching and integrity toward quality were a motivation for me and helped me decide to complete my graduate studies in a master’s degree in engineering with specialization in quality management. She is always willing to help to the students and ASQ university chapters, offering seminar and quality workshop and training. After four years as a quality engineer at General Electric and ABB, today I can say that Eileen has been my quality mentor during these 10 years of my career. Definitely, she is the great example of a quality hero. Her dedication is amazing and unmatched. —Christian Caraballo Vazquez

Amit Singh, senior supplier quality engineer, Stryker, Gurgaon, Haryana, India
  • My association with Amit was at Panasonic where he was deputy manager supplier of quality assurance. When I joined Panasonic, he was the first supper quality assurance person I met. Since then, he has been my guru and mentor in quality management systems and total quality management. Despite our age difference and different career goals, he never shied away from teaching me the core tools of quality. I particularly like his root cause analysis and supplier quality management skills, which I always try to learn more from him each day. I am always grateful for his thoughts and support in building my quality career. I wish him best of luck in future assignments. —Anik Jain
  • I’ll describe Amit as a dedicated professional who not only supports and mentors his juniors, but also helps them to excel in a professional career. We worked together at Panasonic where he was a quality manager and I was a technical trainer for India’s north region. He helped develop my root cause analysis and corrective and preventive action (CAPA) skills at such a pace that within a few months, I was able to generate a good CAPA report with almost zero rejections from the CAPA specialist. I really admire Amit’s skill to brainstorm the nonconformity (NC) root cause and come up with a solid corrective and prevention plan. I usually go to him for professional and personal mentoring because of his ability to deep dive in the situation and come up with best solution to your problem. Sometimes, I used to attend supplier quality meetings where Amit was leading the discussion. He drives the meeting in such a way that even a person like me who has no direct know-how of supplier management understands the basic terminology and skills to tackle defects and NCs from the supplier end. —Raminder Jeet Vohra
Yesh Telang, metallurgical engineer, Amcast Industrial Corp., Dayton, OH
Yesh has been an inspirational professional and a great leader who I have known in my 46-year career. He led Amcast Industrial Corp. to become one of the best suppliers of aluminum alloy castings for the automotive industry in the 1980s and 1990s. —Carlos Crespo

Matt Te-Nuyl, manufacturing engineer, Caterpillar Inc., Peoria, IL
Matt demonstrates on a daily basis that nothing is more important to him than quality. I have watched him sacrifice his family, personal health and hygiene for the pursuit of top-quality products. He is an inspiration to everyone who gets the privilege to work with him. —Ryan Alread
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