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My Quality Hero - Directors



Imran A. Rana, head of quality and analytics, Treet Corp. Ltd, Lahore, Pakistan
I lost my first job in 2005. I heard from a contact that Imran Rana was conducting a free quality management certificate course in Lahore, Pakistan. I enrolled in this program and started the course. After completing it, Rana managed to place all 25 students in jobs at leading companies, and I restarted my career with quality officer title. Now, I am a quality director. My current status and position would have been just a dream without the support of this great man. Imran Rana has had huge impact in my growth and career. —Lubna Shamim

Bill Smith, deceased, CEO, Motorola
Bill, often noted as the “father of Six Sigma,” helped me to get a fundamental understanding of Six Sigma and how it could be applied to anything, even in the maintenance of toilets. He was never afraid to upset anyone within the company, but always focused on delighting the customers. —Michael Williams

Kathy Stephens, senior director of quality assurance and compliance, Rawlings Sporting Goods, St. Louis
I started as a quality assurance (QA) engineering intern with Rawlings in Missouri. Kathy hired me. After graduation, she hired me as the QA engineer. Last year, she promoted me to QA manager. I have been with the company for five years now, and she is part of the reason why I love my job and why I would like to keep moving up within the QA department. She has been helping the company progress from a QA/warranty standpoint for 25 years. She has multiple ASQ certifications and is constantly pushing me to acquire them, too. True leadership is about what you do for others, not just yourself. Due to her background in quality, she relies heavily on statistical process control to prove findings, especially with the Major League Baseball (MLB) baseballs when MLB pitchers try to push the blame on the product. Go Brewers! —Caleb Konen

Sharon Weitzell, quality consultant and retired director of quality, Titan Tire Corp., Des Moines, IA
I started to work in quality department in 2002 before moving to a totally different field. She mentored me and guided me. With Sharon’s guidance, I completed several certifications. In 2007, I obtained a bachelor’s degree in quality. She has had a big influence on my career. —Enes Rizvic

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