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My Quality Hero - Auditing And Accreditation / Consultant


Auditing and Accreditation

Nashwa Elsayed, accreditation manager, King Fahad Hospital, Medina, Saudi Arabia
She was my first real teacher of quality ethics who I really learned from.  —Mohiadeen Kurdi

Barbara Gallion, quality auditing consultant
While working together at DuPont Pharmaceuticals back in the 1990s, I aspired to be a supplier manager/auditor like Barb. She was kind enough to impart her vast knowledge and experience to me when I expressed an interest in the job, and I accompanied her on many audits. I learned so much from her—more than you can learn in a book. She was always so kind and generous, not just professionally regarding her auditing “secrets,” but also personally. She is a big part of the reason I have the job that I love so much today.  —Charles Breyer

Helen Novotny, lead internal auditor/quality systems coordinator
Helen continues to maintain a very strong and well-oiled internal audit system for our company. We have received a plethora of praise from external auditors because of the work she puts in place. Our quality system would be nothing without Helen’s support.  —Andrew Kastner

Ricardo Stutz, lead auditor, IRAM (Instituto Argentino de Normalización)
Ricardo first taught me about quality when I was an engineering student. So many years ago, and       without the internet, he was a leading professional: so well trained and with such passion. Even now,  he exceeds the average of all professionals I have met along the way.  —Adriana Grossi


KT 93d311ca02773d2be4d95edcdb52f888-huge-ktTing, strategic services development director, HKQAA, Hong Kong 
KT is my hero for his outstanding leadership in quality auditing and education activities in Hong Kong,  and for professional competence in quality management in the manufacturing and services industries. —Yongchang Feng

Primitivo Reyes Aguilar, consultant
Primitivo Reyes Aguilar invited me to participate in ASQ activities in the early 1990s. He was my professor for the quality master engineering program at La Salle University in 1989. I have learned from him the practical application of quality concepts in the industry. Reyes has been a promoter of ASQ quality certifications with students of the master’s in quality engineering program at the Universidad Iberoamericana and La Salle University. Reyes has a lot of practical experience in the industry and likes to share his knowledge. Without a doubt, he is a quality leader in México, and those of us who have been his students still have a lot to learn from him.  —Jorge Mejía

Mohammed Alkhalifa , freelance consultant, former country manager, Applus Velosi Saudi Arabia, Dam
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  • He inspired me during difficult times when I needed words of encouragement. He helped shape my career and professional life, Words can neither qualify nor quantify how helpful his guidance and advice has been blessing in my life.   —Jassem Alsaleh, Ali Al Nasser, Ahmed Alsaleh, Abdullah Alshaghab, Yaser Alnaser, Khalil Al molablab, Saleh Al Alshaikh, Mustafah alkhalifah, Ahmed Alkhalifah, Mohammed Alhassar, Maitham Almusallam and Ali Alsaleh
  • The best ever. —Ali Al busaeed
  • For his great support for youth development within his community, and several activities he is handling.  —Abeer Yousif
  • In recognition of the efforts made by engineer Mohamed Al Khalifa (Bou Mustafa) in supporting and developing Saudi youth, specifically in the field of professional work.  —Adnan Mosallam

Mohammed Almobark, quality consultant
Because he is a true professional in the field quality.  —Waad Al-fakih

Kristin Case, quality consultant, Case Consults, Tulsa, OK 

Kristin inspired me to learn about ISO 9001 and allowed me to shadow her on multiple audits. Without her giving me the confidence to learn something new and mentoring me on the audit process, I never would have had the courage to obtain my quality auditor certification. Getting the opportunity to observe how she prepares for, conducts, closes and documents an audit was extremely helpful. I was able to ask her questions about the audit process and never was ridiculed for what I thought was a silly question. She gave me the confidence to ask questions and not be afraid to admit when I still don’t understand something. I definitely would have never thought I was smart enough to become a quality auditor. I don’t think she understands how much I appreciate all of the time she took (and still takes) to explain things to me. I really enjoy auditing and don’t think I could ever thank Kristin enough for instilling the confidence in me to try something new. My family and I appreciate Kristin more than she’ll ever know!  —Melinda Burrell

Edwin Garro, Performance Excellence Solutions PXS, San Jose, Costa Rica
He is a quality pioneer in Costa Rica, introducing many professionals to ASQ starting more than 20 years ago.  —Ivan Cespedes

Paul Grizzell, leadership consultant, Core Values Partners, Woodbury, MN
Paul is a focused leader on learning and growing, and continues to provide more value to his customers. He has a diverse network from all over the globe and is constantly looking to grow more diverse in his understanding. Paul is a quality professional leveraging best practices and learning about new ones to support more value and speed of data-driven decisions.  —Jim Nelson

William “Will” Lafollette, WL Performance Excellence
I see Will as a mentor. He inspired me to become an active ASQ member. He showed me the way, and he is always there when I need some advice. Will is a real hero.  —Luigi Sille

Jorge Francisco Mejía Coba, consultant and university professor, CEC Corp.
Jorge Mejía was my professor in the quality engineering master’s program at the Universidad Iberoamericana in 2009, and he has been a guide for my career in the industry. Thanks to his leadership, he invited me to participate as an examiner of the National Quality Award in Mexico. Likewise, I have continued to be part of the team of the ASQ Mexico Section. Jorge Mejía is a leader and benchmark of quality in Mexico. He is one of the outstanding professors at the university, and is one of the distinguished examiners in our country. We traveled to Japan together in 2018 to attend a lean manufacturing training and we learned together about the Japanese quality culture. He has been a person who has inspired me in my career. We have carried out projects together to improve the competitiveness of organizations in Mexico. We have studied together to obtain ASQ certifications.  —Carlos Alberto González Mariles

Celeste O’Connor, quality management executive, Terrang Consulting LLC, Fort Collins, CO
Celeste always supported my growth as a quality professional, empowering me to tackle problems and improve the quality system when she was the director of my department. She demonstrated how to keep cool in tough audits in occasionally frustrating situations. Her encouragement and leadership made me a better quality professional.  —Brittany Crocco

Duke Okes, author, trainer and consultant, Blountville, TN 

I first encountered Duke Okes when reading his book Root Cause Analysis: The Core of Problem Solving and Corrective Action (Quality Press, 2009). I wanted to find out the reason for my career failure that challenged me for years. Okes has generously helped me. First, he started to help by sending some job openings. By reviewing my tough personal root cause analysis, he helped me to increase my self-confidence. This root cause analysis was a tool that helped me realize my deep desire for a specific work environment that is completely in harmony with my life principle. I focused on my desire, found an opportunity, applied for it and tried hard to be successful during the hiring process. During the long period of pre-job exams, Okes always helped me prepare. Eventually, I started my career in October 2019. Today, I’m a successful new government quality assurance representative, working in the Department of National Defense, the career that I wanted. My slogan is “Canadian Soldier for Quality” inspired by ASQ for all the support I received. I am also a volunteer in government advisory champion team and thankful for Okes’ daily advice and continuous quality support.  —Atousa Pourfard

Tracy Owens, quality educator and consultant, Columbus, OH
Tracy inspired from the beginning of my quality journey. He brings excitement, energy and fresh perspective. He has a knack for making complex topics engaging and understandable—an excellent educator. Tracy has challenged and encouraged me to go beyond where I thought I could in my quality career.  —Therese Steiner

Andrew Samann, principal consultant, Orion GMP, Detroit
I have worked with Andrew for two years as a consultant in leading our clients to excellence in creating quality management systems that brought our clients into compliance and set them on the road to continuous improvement. Andrew taught me to embrace a discipleship with the teachings of W. Edwards Deming. We used these as a business model. I have learned much from Samann, and I could not have had a better mentor. The industry is controversial and has largely been ignored by ASQ and other U.S.-based quality organizations. The truth of the matter is that the acceptance of cannabis as a pharmaceutical, or a product engaging in medicinal clinical trials, and/or as a consumer product requiring consumer protection is expanding in regulatory guideline requirements. The quality sciences is a critical element. Andrew is the chairman of American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) D37.02, the ASTM subcommittee writing the quality standards for the industry.  —Cary Black

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