Thank You To The Team And Workplace Excellence Members 1443

Thank You To The Team And Workplace Excellence Members

ASQE would like to thank the following ASQ Team and Workplace Excellence Forum Members for their volunteer efforts in support of our 2020 ASQE Excellence Roundtable, held on November 10, 2020:
  • Meg Cruz
  • Jackie Jolly
  • Jeff Veyera
Meg, Jackie and Jeff led our Excellence Roundtable breakout discussions as table captains, focused on the key takeaways presented in the ASQE Insights on Excellence (IoE) research partnership with Forbes Insights.

Additionally, we'd like to thank Allen Wong, ASQE Board of Directors, who also helped lead our breakout discussions.

ASQE wants to share a huge thank you to Meg, Jackie, Jeff, and Allen for their contributions to our Excellence Roundtable event.

Each year, the Excellence Roundtable (ERT) event provides primary and executive contacts of ASQE’s Organizational Membership companies the opportunity to connect and engage with annual benchmarking research driven by the IoE benchmarking tool. This event provides peer-to-peer networking, innovative problem-solving techniques, and the exclusive experience to connect with experts across multiple industries. Starting in 2021, each level of the new ASQE Organizational Membership enjoys the ability to participate in thought-leadership activities featured at this members-only event.

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