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My Quality Hero - Aerospace

Hi Everyone, 

We had such a tremendous response to the 'My Quality Hero' survey, that we didn't know what to do with all the submissions - Quality Progress would've been 500 pages!.  In an effort to showcase all the submissions we've created an additional News category called Member Recognition.  In this area we will feature the Quality Hero's, Member Spotlight, Award Winners, and more. 

If you know someone you'd like to recognize for their contribution, let me know.  I'm happy to add them to the list!   I love to recognize the excellent contributions our members, mentors, and peers make to our community.  

Jason M. Casebolt, quality superintendent, Boeing, Seattle


The 2018-2019 “Get to Gold” program achieved significant results in a short period of time, but the program management that enabled those results was the enduring mark of excellence. Through this program, Aerospace Composites Malaysia (ACM) reduced its defective parts delivered to customers (“Quality Escapes”) by 88%, including a 50% reduction from its previous best year of performance, while also slashing its cost of poor quality by more than 80% compared to the prior year. Under Jason’s leadership, the program team created and executed aggressive improvements, mixed classic and custom approaches, leveraged data analytics in new ways, challenged long-standing quality management norms and developed employees for lasting gains. By directly engaging its customers to become part of this “Get to Gold” program, ACM built a coalition of experts that spanned Australia, China, India, Malaysia and the United States to achieve systemic gains significantly faster and less expensive than benchmarked methods.  —Chibichakaravarthy Chinnaiyan

Steve Luko, retired, Collins Aerospace, Windsor Locks, CT
When my location at Collins Aerospace recognized my knowledge, experience and interest in statistics, one of the first things leaders there said to me was “You NEED to speak to Steve Luko.” While I was located in Minnesota and Steve in Connecticut, there was an immediate professional connection. I found Steve to have exactly what I value—the rare mix of statistical expertise and practical application. Since that moment, Steve was my informal mentor, sharing knowledge and his experiences in his role as a fellow. I am forever grateful for the difference he made in my career. In 2019, I joined the ranks of fellow for statistical methods at Collins too. And now Steve is officially retired from Collins and continues to practice what he loves in other forms. He has and will always continue to live up his humble signature phase, “Glad to be of service.”  —Carol M. Parendo

Arun Singh Gill, quality manager, PCC Aerostructures, Orangeville, Ontario
The way Arun works and inspires being an ASQ-certified quality engineer, he motivates everyone to do better at work. He is well known for his work and has a good name in the aerospace quality market. It is important to understand the fact the quality professional should stand out. You voice must be heard, and he has mastered the art of quality —Nimesh Patel

Angel McMullen-Gunn, quality director, Collins Aerospace, Lincoln, NE
Angel created the program that got me into quality and changed my career path. In 2017, Angel pitched and launched a program to attract and train futures leaders in quality called Q-LEAD. During the course of two years, the program trained us in different facets of quality—including operations quality, continuous improvement, supplier quality and more. Since the launch, 17 participants at various stages in their career have graduated from the program into quality engineer and quality management roles, with another 23 current participants still rotating. Angel has taken the success of the program and furthered the reach by creating Q-Apprentice for interns to experience roles in quality and feed the pipeline of potential Q-LEAD for future cohorts. My experience in the program is that Angel created opened an entirely new career path for me and helped me discover a passion for quality and compliance that I didn’t know I had.  —Erin Switzer

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