ASQ Audit, Certification, And Future Growth

Dear ASQ Members,
Several members have been reaching out to me and other board members for clarification on our new entity, ASQE, so I wanted to take a few minutes to answer some of those questions.
For reference, when I mention a 501(c)(3) below, I'm referring to "the" ASQ which we all know and love. By 501(c)(6), I'm referring to the new entity that was just formed, ASQExcellence, or ASQE for short.

The 2017 Audit, Certifications, and Future Growth
While such audits are never without stress, we were excited about its successful completion thanks to the literal thousands of documents and countless volunteer hours from throughout our membership.
When I attended my first ASQ section meeting two decades ago in a quiet conference room in the Connecticut suburbs, I witnessed how a small group of passionate members could join forces to support a common cause. Seeing this all happen across the Society's scale today has really been mind-blowing for me and has made me so grateful to be a part of this alongside you.
The IRS "no change" for our 2017 status refers to no change in our 501(c)(3) nonprofit status, which is critical for ASQ's viability.
So, if there's no change, then why did ASQE still get formed?
One reason is that ASQ certifications are doing great.
So great, in fact, that their growth as a percentage of ASQ's total revenues was posed to reach the maximum allowable revenue threshold under what's allowed for a 501(c)(3).
A 501(c)(6), however, is exactly the right type of nonprofit entity to support this type of growth and support our industry. When we look ahead from 2017 to the present day and beyond, and see how certifications will continue to grow, it made sense to create the right home for this growth.
Making It Real
While ASQ's Bylaws and our Articles of Incorporation make no mention of certification, we recognized the importance of forming an entity that could be founded on delivering such a high-demand service to members and nonmembers alike across our profession.
After consulting with third-party entities ranging from nonprofit advisors to independent tax auditors, we got confirmation that this was the right thing to do. So, in the same spirit of so many of our dedicated ASQers out there, we rolled up our sleeves, powered up our spreadsheets. Many cups of coffee later, and by working through year-end holidays and weekends, we came together to make ASQExcellence a reality.
So How Are ASQ and ASQE Related?
While ASQ and ASQE are officially two separate entities, their combined purpose is still the same: to deliver the best possible experiences to members and to the profession as a whole. ASQE has its own founding leadership team made up of members, hard at work on laying the foundations of what a future member-led ASQE board will look like and how their work will complement ASQ's own strategy for future growth.
If You'd Like More Information...
If you are looking for more background, we also released an FAQ document to the membership. Here is a link to that document if you would like to review it.
Austin Lin
ASQ Chairman 2020
Posted by Madeline Parshall on Feb 26, 2020 4:00 PM America/Chicago