Get expert perspectives on emerging methodologies from quality thought leaders in the first face-to-face summit since 2019!
This year’s Summit is jam-packed with workshops and sessions to help you prepare for successful transformation initiatives now and in the year to come! Learn more:

The value proposition that accompanies Quality 4.0 is clear: Organizations that embrace it can experience gains in innovation, creativity, data insights and stakeholder satisfaction. But this change goes beyond adopting new technologies; it leads to a mindset shift in how an organization leverages its people, processes, and technologies to improve quality. Opportunities for quality improvement can be realized by organizations of all sizes and operating budgets.

At this year’s summit, we’ll examine keys to adopting Quality 4.0 to infuse an enterprise with scalability, sustainability, and adaptability. Discover how emerging technologies enable organizations to develop more effective, efficient, and evolved quality processes which lead to higher levels of quality. Explore how best to integrate and optimize data; decode the acronyms of intelligent Quality 4.0 tools and technologies; and learn to leverage the right people and processes to ensure a synergistic approach to adopting a Quality 4.0 mindset.

Bring an open mind to the 2022 Summit and leave with a Quality 4.0 mindset geared toward optimizing quality in your team, organization, and career.

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