NEW – Badges For Your Participation In The Community!

Have you reviewed your profile recently? If yes, you might have noticed a little something different – badges!

How To Earn Points on myASQ
Now every time you take actions in the myASQ Community, you are earning points. As the points rack up, you earn badges for your actions and your community rank increases.

Point values may change at the Community Engagement Manager's discretion, depending on the needs of Community. All point changes will be announced to the Community.

Here is a list of the actions in the myASQ Community and their current points values:
Badge Action
Collaborator – Level 1 Reply to 1-5 discussion posts
Collaborator – Level 2 Reply to 6+ discussion posts
Contributor – Level 1 Start 1-3 discussions
Contributor – Level 2 Start 4-6 discussions
Contributor – Level 3 Start 7+ discussions
Connector – Level 1 1-4 friends
Connector – Level 2 5+ friends
Complimentor – Level 1 Like 1-5 discussion
Complimentor – Level 2 Like 6+ discussions
Collector – Level 1 Download 1-5 group files
Collector – Level 2 Download 6+ group files
Charmer Uploaded a profile picture
Completer Updated profile data
Champion Reached 100+ points

I look forward to seeing all the badges on profiles!

Check out the new badges at and start earning today!

Happy Badging!

Your Community Engagement Manager
Trish Borzon
News ASQ News 08/05/2022 8:56am CDT