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Lean And Six Sigma Conference Call For Reviewers And Proposals Now Open!


Lean and Six Sigma tools are increasingly employed by organizations seeking to achieve—and sustain—continuous improvement throughout the enterprise. At the 2023 Lean and Six Sigma Conference, attendees will learn how to apply lean and Six Sigma tools to solve current and emerging challenges including a changing organizational culture, supply chain instability, environmental issues, data integration and technology adoption in order to drive beyond process-level improvements and realize sustained organizational results.

Reviewers: LSSC 2023 Call for Reviewers Application (linklings.net)
Call for Reviewers Deadline: August 17, 2022

Proposals: LSSC 2023 Call for Proposals Application (linklings.net)
Call for Proposals Deadline: August 17, 2022

Focus areas:

Supply Chain Strategies

Supply chain optimization is a never-ending challenge, as companies seek to identify the best methods and processes to enhance efficiency and stability. This track highlights how Lean Six Sigma is a reliable framework combining the robust design and defect prevention focus of Six Sigma with Lean’s emphasis on waste reduction and streamlining.

Lean, Six Sigma and Leadership
Quality leaders must foster a culture of transformation throughout an organization, ensuring all process improvement projects align with the business mission and vision. This focus area dives into the impact lean and Six Sigma deployment has on leadership and management frameworks, principles and behaviors.

LSSC Masters
Designed for an audience that has been there/done that, these sessions provide innovative, unique perspectives for participants with deep experience leading lean and Six Sigma initiatives. Featuring advanced content, use cases and insight into what’s next, this area of focus offers expert-level content to seasoned quality and Lean Six Sigma practitioners.

Lean and Six Sigma Essentials
This focus area explores foundational tools and techniques that represent the core of lean and Six Sigma methodologies. From common terms to teaching tools to networking strategies for young professionals, these sessions provide access to essential skills for both emerging and established quality professionals.

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