QUALITY 4.0: AN EVOLVING APPROACH TO QUALITY - Call For Proposals - June 1 3132



Managing people, process, and change

If Quality 4.0 is to become embedded within an organization, the right people and processes must be in place to ensure a symbiotic relationship between technology and human creativity.

Leaders of transformation must leverage the scalability of technologies along with the powerful insights that quality professionals bring to a 4.0 initiative.

What’s more, companies must quickly identify and adapt to new quality roles (and sometimes even careers) driven by breakthrough innovations in computing, automation, and the virtual landscape. These sessions highlight key skills and strategies necessary for a synergistic approach to transformation and technology adoption across an array of markets, businesses, and budgets.

Alphabet city in the digital world: IoT, AI, RPA, ML and more

Often talked about as a single entity, the quality world’s suite of acronyms relating to digital, automated, and cloud-based applications are quite distinct in terms of use and function. However, these tools do overlap, with the promise of even greater integration in the near and long term. In this area of focus, attendees will deepen their understanding of the terminology surrounding intelligent automation and look at real-world use cases demonstrating how to assess and optimize application.

Data integration and optimization

Data gathering continues to become more sophisticated and nimbler, allowing organizations to leverage information assets and effectively compete in the marketplace. Still, many companies fall short of realizing the maximum advantage data provides. The reason? Data, along with the tools to manage it, are not fully aligned with enterprise goals, KPIs and capacity. In this area of focus, sessions will unveil key methods for data integration and optimization that allow quality professionals to deliver accuracy, access, and richness of data for sustained success and future growth and ensure digital transformation plans stays the course.

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