New MyASQ Sections Dedicated To ASQ Learners 3057

New MyASQ Sections Dedicated To ASQ Learners

Today, ASQ is expanding the value of your myASQ membership, and is opening a new discussion section dedicated to anyone enrolled in an ASQ course. In this section, learners can post their technical and content-specific questions or ideas, and interact directly with the Subject Matter Experts in the community!
  • Enrolled in an ASQ course, and have a question that requires a specialist? Go to the appropriate course topic under the Learner Support section, and search previous posts for the answer. Not there? Go ahead and create a new post! You'll be notified when someone responds.
  • See a question that you can answer? Thank you so much! The myASQ community is built on active participation and people like you.
  • Have a question unrelated to the course topic? Our friendly Customer Care team is standing by. Email us at and we'll be happy to help.
News ASQ News 05/02/2022 1:40pm CDT