Accelerate The Journey To Excellence With ASQConnEx!


Excellence through quality begins with the complete connected journey between ASQ, ASQE, and ASQConnEx.

Where does it start?
Excellence through quality is the shared mission of ASQ and ASQE. Together we seek to inspire excellence, foster continuous improvement, and use data and best-in-class education to ensure that ASQ and ASQE members make an impact.

How does it work?
Using the Insights on Excellence (IoE) for data collection, ASQE benchmarks findings to provide ASQ technical communities with annual research that informs the body of knowledge strategy, education, and training development – ensuring that ASQ and ASQE members and customers receive relevant, best-in-class education and training.

What is ASQConnEx?
ASQConnEx is a robust education and training delivery system for vetting and designating quality subject matter experts (SMEs) that deliver standardized ASQ and ASQE education and certification preparation training. Whether you are an SME seeking training opportunities or an organization seeking to close gaps and grow, ASQConnEx is the right partner!

Want to learn more? Our video guide will take you through the complete connected journey between ASQ, ASQE, and ASQConnEx.

Are You a Quality Expert? Brand Yourself with the Best.
Gain a professional advantage by becoming an ASQ-authorized expert. As part of the ASQConnEx directory, you’ll showcase your expertise and confirm your credibility verified by the leaders in quality. Become an ASQConnEx expert today!

Accelerate Your Journey to Excellence.
Are you seeking to develop and measure success in sustainability, change management, and operational process excellence? Finding the right quality partner just got easier. Search the ASQConnEx directory.
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