Article 2 From Quality's Impact On The Global Pandemic Response!



ASQ’s thought-leadership article series, “Quality's Impact on the Global Pandemic Response," explores how quality practices are playing a critical role in the COVID-19 vaccination effort.

We’re thrilled to announce the release of the second in-depth article of this series. This article explores how a major logistics organization's long-embraced quality practices and dedication to quality readied them to overcome the seemingly insurmountable logistical challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic to meet the enormous need for vaccination delivery.


In an unprecedented effort to inoculate enough people to confer individual immunity, quality professionals have been implementing best practices at the most critical phases of vaccine administration, distribution, and development. Those who understand quality know that it is the ultimate competitive weapon. The history of commerce, at least since Henry M. Leland founded Cadillac, is studded with examples of companies that took some form of market leadership through a focus on quality. There are times, though, when what’s called for is not simply to win over a competitor, but to achieve some higher goal. This was the case in 2020, when the world was faced with the gravest pandemic in a century, and when organizations of all kinds, not just those focused on healthcare initiatives, had to mobilize to defeat a deadly disease. Between the pharmaceutical labs and healthcare clinics lay a major logistical challenge, where transportation and logistics companies were called on to move delicate vaccines quickly and reliably. And this challenge has been one of the foremost success stories of the vaccination effort.

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